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The season finale was centered around Marco and Keith's wedding.  They started off planning with the wedding with a planner (special guest Kathy Griffin).  Poor Megan and Will, meanwhile, were having relationship problems.  Will and Megan seem to never be able to see each other when both are so distracted from work - Will trying to get the first issue of the magazine out and Megan trying to finish Laurel's book.

After Will thinks he finished the magazine, David Besser (Robert Buckley) calls Will and makes him come in and redo the whole thing but Will says no when it'll make him miss the wedding.  Meanwhile, Megan tries to make him go and they end up having a fight where he breaks up with her because she makes everything so difficult.  Will goes in to work and does such a bang up job, David tells him he's impressed that Will is so talented when he could just rest on his laurels.  

At the wedding, it's a very nice ceremony and Rose sings a beautiful song (with her real voice!)  The girls all have a cute dance and then after the groom and groom sneak off, Megan meets a cute guy, Simon.  We then cut to the next morning when  Will kind of realizes that maybe Megan was right for pushing him so har and calls to apologize to her.  Meanwhile, we pan over in Megan's bed to see Simon waking up!  To Be Continued.

Rose, meanwhile, spent the episode prepping for some sort of survival trip she wasnted to do on her own to prove she could survive on her own.  Both Sage and Zach are nervous she's turning into something that will leave them behind.   In the end, Sage ends up telling her she's proud of her and should go on the trip.

Sage, meanwhile, is having her own little problems when Luis says he can't go to a marriage between two men because it's not something he believes in.  When Sage realizes Luis will never open his mind to anything new, she breaks up with him.

At the wedding, Megan presents the pages she's written so far for Laurel's book and she loves it and only makes minor suggestions.

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Rose [taking out knife]: This is a survival kit
Megan: Oh i'm gonna hate this story, aren't it?
Rose: You know how I moved in to my own room about a month ago after I found out you guys all lied to me about different stuff?
Megan: You decided to kill us and leave our bodies in the woods?
Rose: Wow, that's super dark megan

Megan: Some might say she's single handedly revitalizing the economy with her shopping addiction
Rami: Some might ask you to take that silver lining and hang me with it