Laurel Close with the Twins
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Laurel comes back from her trip and doesn't even say hi to the girls... she doesn't need to, they have a family dinner every time she returns.  Megan drops the girls off at school and Cassidy comes up to her car and, of course, neurotic Megan won't kiss him at school.  Sage and Rose then meet with their friend Precious who just returned from making a Bollywood movie.  The girls (particularly Sage) is jealous of her fame.  Megan goes to visit Cassidy in his office and sees him saying goodbye to some pretty blond.  Megan tries to play it cool and Jacob let's it slip he and Megan are a couple.  Aww, they're a couple.

Megan tells Marco to brag she has a boyfriend... so does he!  She heads to family dinner a few minutes late and we see the girls on one end texting and Laurel on the other on her laptop and on the phone.  That's some family dinner.  Megan visits Charlie at working and she tells him all about the family dinner and Jacob.  He says to tell the girls she's dating Jacob already and walks away.  Megan goes back to tell the girls and they don't even seem to care.  All they care about is Precious' fame.

Megan goes to tell Laurel who's meeting with her guy about photo shoot for new line.  She's apparently getting too old to model cosmetics for her audience but doesn't want to hire outside modes... it's a family business.  Megan suggests she use Rose and Sage and then tells her about Jacob.  She's okay with it and trust is in tact.  Megan calls to tell Jacob the good news that they can make out anywhere... but get his voicemail.  The girls come running to Megan to tell her they got the modeling gig for Laurel's cosmetic company.

The next day Rose and Sage brag to Precious they're the new face of Limoge Cosmetics.  Megan visits Charlie to update him about Jacob and thte twins.  He tells her he's the clock.  She says let's discuss it over dinner.  He can't he has a date with Mandy.  How come you didn't tell me?  We never talk about me.  Megan goes to tel Marco about her Charlie problems and finds out Laurel and the twins will be gone 4 weeks.  She goes to Laurel to tell her it's not a good idea to take off that much time... fine, go with them.  We leave for London in 4 days. 

Megan is talking to Cassidy about the twins when he gets a phone call from Emily and say he'll need to call her back.  Megan finds out Emily is his ex-girlfriend and she's in town for a few days and keepings annoying him to do linch.  Charlie brings a bunch of crap to Marco to give to Megan.  At a photo shoot test with Laurel and the twins there's absolutely zero family chemistry.  Laurel is going over the pictures after and sees herself nowhere near the girls in any of the photos... she walks away and stares at a picture of her very close with a baby.

Megan calls Charlie to try and organize a picnic and then meets the girls at their new study spot at school.  While there they run into Emily who the girls recognize.  Apparently she was a student last year and was in their drama class.  Megan confronts Jacob who tells her Emily wasn't a student when they started dating, he waited until summer break.  Megan doesn't care and says they're over, she can't date someone that would date a student.  A phone rings and Emily comes out of the bathroom buttoning up her shirt to answer it.  OMG.

Megan talk to Laurel and apologizes about overstepping her bounds their previous conversation.  Laurel tells her the girls will not be used, they're going in a different direction.  Laurel also reveals that after Caraolyn (her daughter) died, she couldn't bear to be around Rose and Sage.  All they did was remind her of her daughter.  But the time she got over it, it was too late, the girls wanted nothing to do with her.  Aww.  Megan goes to the girls who are packing to break the news to them.  Sage is pissed and Rose is just kind of upset because she saw it as a chance to spend more itme with Laurel.  Megan and Marco are setting up things for Megan's date with Charlie when he calls and cancels... he got tickets for Jack Johnson from Mandy and wants to go.

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

No kissing on campus. That was rule... I'm not sure which rule that was, but it's an important one


Megan: How do I look? Should I change? I didn't know what to wear
Marco: Well you can start by wearing a watch, dinner started 5 minutes ago

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