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"All About Honesty" starts off still at the ball from the pilot.  Megan is busy being introduced to some pretty powerful people by Laurel as her friend and not as the tutor, including speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi (off camera obviously).  We find out that Max (Rose's ex-boyfriend) is at the party with his new date, Fiona.  Megan tries to tell Rose to try honesty with him, but instead Rose and Sage hatch a plan to make him jealous.  Meanwhie, outside Megan and Lily have a hugh screaming cat fight in front of everyone... including Laurel!

Now, post fight, when Laurel runs into the owner of Sephora's, she introduces Megan as her granddaughters' tutor.  However, when Megan hears the owner's daughter wants to dgo to Yale, she chimes in as an alumni that's worked for the board of admissions, and offers to help the girl write her essay.  She may find her way back into Laurel's good graces.  Charlie goes to asks Lily to go home but ends up being used as a pawn by Sage to help Rose make Max jealous. Lily, ready to go home anyway, ends up going home with Will.

The next morning Megan gets a phone call from Lily who swears she didn't sleep with Will but wants his phone number so she can call and thank him.  Meanwhile the girls head off to visit Charlie at work as part of their plan.  Back at home, Megan helps the Sephora's owner's daughter with her essay and makes a very good impression on the girl.   Then, suddenly, she gets a phone call from the Baker girls... they crashed the car!  When Megan arrives, Rose and Sage talk their way  out of their ticket... but Megan ends up getting one!

Back home, Max comes over to see Rose.  It looks like the plan works because he wants her back.  However, Megan just wants to know if Sage really did what's best for her sister.   After being told what a bad sister she is, Megan is inspired to make up with Lily and heads outside to make a call to Lily when she sees her outside making out with Max.  We <3 Privileged!

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Megan: It's like they don't even appreciate all the knowledge bombs I'm dropping on them
Charlie: Maybe that's because you're calling them knowledge bombs

God is not a republican... he's not a democrat... I don't think he's affiliated with any politcal party... is this vodka?