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The episode opens with Megan going over to Will's, where she meets his father who she mistakes for a butler.  After awkwardley giving him her coat, they make plans to do dinner at their house.  Lily then tries to get their mother's number from Megan who tries to tell her it's been disconnected.  Feeling that she's lied to, Lily goes to Will to see if he knows where his mother is.  She thanks Will for bailing her out... with a kiss on the lips!

Megan is due to go over to Will's for dinner with the family but has to first stop off at her dad's for an "emergency."  Her dad is planning on selling his boat to pay Will back and going on welfare for a living.  Even despite all that's happened, her dad continues to defend their mom so Megan just leaves.  Megan arrives at the house for dinner where Will's dad taking to Megan about the magazine they want to start.

Megan tells Will about her dad's plan and yet again tells him that he doesn't understand her world that he lives in a fancy, perfect world.  Shut up already Megan.  Megan then goes to finally apologize to Lily.  We see her dad come home from a grocery trip... with a bottle of booze.  Megan then heads over to Will's with a check for $200 and a payment plan to pay him back the $25,000.  He tears it up and says he'll chalk it up as a bad investment and they say "I love you" to each other for the first time!

The Baker Twins
We see the girls at school and their friend thinks they are changing since they have their new men.  The girls then go out to some "work party" to keep themselves famous where they run into Pete Wentz.  After taking pictures with him (and Rose's ex, Max), they end up on Perez Hilton and get booked for 3 more gigs. 

However, Zach sees a picture of Max getting close with Rose and becomes very jealous.  Rose goes over to Zach's to watch a movie and he's very distant and tells her he doesn't like that scene she's getting into.  She says she's only doing it because of Rose.

When Sage has to ditch out on picking Luis up from the airport, she too is getting sick of the scene and doesn't want to go to another "work party."  Megan tells her she shouldn't be doing it then. She realizes it's kind of silly to be famous for the sake of being famous and the girls ditch their "work parties" and fire Patricia

Meanwhile, Marco goes to Laurel for help about starting his restaurant.  Marco goes to have dinner at the restaurant he plans on buying but sees Keith on a date there, he leaves.  After Laurel meets with her business manager she thinks it's a good investment and gives Marco a downpayment check.  He refuses it.  He doesn't want to do it without Keith.  She tells him to keep it in a safe place, it's his when he's ready.

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Zach: I don't know how you girls can walk so fast in those heels
Girls' Friend: Rose can each you, she's your size

Megan: Cancel the check!
Will: The bank's closed
Megan: You're a billionaire, isn't there a special number you call?
Will: Yah it's 1-800-im-rich
Megan: That's not even enough numbers