Rose and the Synchronized Swimmers
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The episode opens with Will and Megan returning from a date and Will making up an excuse about it being late and needing to go home.  Megan runs to Marco for advice on why her playboy isn't playing her.  He tells her she needs to be more aggressive like the women Will is used to.  She tries to be frisky with Will the next time they're in the bedroom but she ends up injuring her head when she falls off the bed.

Megan goes to the hopsital with Will where they get it on in the supply closet.  Meanwhile, Rose called Megan's mom who shows up at the hospital just as the two lovers leasve the supply closet.  Her mom then comes by the house with chicken noodle soup.  When she returns yet again with a dress for Megan and some advice about Will, Megan can stand it no more and yells at her mom.

Megan wears her dress to a charity lunch with Will and he compliments the dress.  Then after some advice from Marco she decides to call her mom.  The episode ends with Megan in bed with Will when she gets a phone call from Lily... from jail!

Charlie comes over to tell Megan he's applpying to colleges in San Diego, despite it violating Megan's time zone rule.  Charlie and Megan then get in a fight that he's always with Megan whenever he's not with Mandy.  Despite her wishes, Charlie goes over to Megan's to have her finish helping him with his college essays.  Charlie comes back home and lies to Mandy about being with Megan and she catches him in the lie.  Charlie walks out in the middle of their fight.

Rose and Sage
In an effort to get Sage to talk to Luis more, Rose organizes a charity luncheon for Cuba that will help her get closer to Luis who will cook the lunch.  An angry neighbor, Mrs. Beddington, who they invite to the luncheon, claims Cuba is her territory and seems infuriated at Rose.  Sage goes to discuss the menu with Luis and is rude to him when she finds out he's doing a traditional Cuban menu that includes rice and beans.

During the luncheon, Mrs. Bedington attempts to embarass the girls by exposing how little they know about Cuba.  Sage embarasses herself in front of Luis but Rose steps in and rescues.  When Luis asks Sage why she did this whole event when she knows nothing about Cuba she says she did it for him... she likes him and he's Cuban.  Whoops, turns out his family is from Argentina.  But at least she admitted she likes him!  They kiss.

We finally get to meet Marco's boyfriend Keith.  Keith tries to push Marco to open up his cafe in the retail space that opened up next to his salon.  However, when Marco refuses to saying the space isn't perfect and he's not leaving Laurel until everything is perfect, they end up breaking up.

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Will: So what happened tonight? You got pretty enthusiastic with the vodka
Megan: That was not the plan
Will: There was a plan?
Megan: Well yeah. I thought we'd, you know, have a few drinks, get a little loosely goosey. I kept drinking when you kept drinking and you're much bigger than I am and all of a sudden I got very loose very fast.

Megan: Will's a playboy right?
Marco: Generally speaking, absolutely
Megan: So why isn't he playing me? I'm ready to go. Wearing to go. Every night's the same -- just when we get to the good part he says "oh it's getting late" or "I have an early tennis match." I mean who plays that much tennis?