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Malcolm is looking through the station wagon and asks a figure about it when they start shooting at him. He calls in the team, and they find multiple body parts that were smashed in a compressor.

They have another serial killer and Malcolm is convinced it's connected to his father. Gil isn't sure at first, but eventually the evidence supports it and Edrisa finds a knife that Malcolm recognized from his camping trip in the glove compartment of the car.

Ainsley prepares for her interview with Martin and Jessica warns her that her father will manipulate her so that he looks good. Ainsley thinks she has it.

At the interview, Ainsley goes off script and starts asking her father about his kills. He counters with all the lives of the people he saved. Martin does get the upperhand and is beginning to look sympathetic and charming.

Martin comes to the facility because he needs to ask Malcolm questions. Ainsley let's him in to ask and notices how the two of them carry on.

Martin won't give up much information that helps. Ainsley pulls Malcolm aside and offers to work together. She tells him to follow her lead.

Ainsley uses Malcolm to goad Martin. She runs down how screwed up Malcolm is because of Martin and tells Martin he was a terrible father. Martin explodes at that giving Ainsley what she wanted.

The hospital goes into lockdown when Tevin one of the inmates is loose and roaming the halls. They're stuck in the cell with Martin.

Ainsley tells her Camera man boyfriend Jin to go capture as much footage as he can through the window. Tevin has a key card that they didn't know about and stan Jin.

Jin needs a surgical procedure and Martin offers to help to which Ainsleu wants to take him up on it. Malcolm proposes Martin walk him through it instead.

Malcolm gets flashbacks to his father making him do something in the woods with that knife, which Martin told Malcolm it belonged to him and was HIS knife.

Malcolm's hands are shaking and he cannot perform the procedure so Martin is in uncuffed and handed a knife to do it. Ainsley records the whole thing to Malcolm's frustration unwittingly giving Martin a fantastic edit as the incredible surgeon he is and saving the day.

Malcolm goes to take down Tevin.

Later they find out martin orchestrated the whole thing. Malcolm also realizes that the new serial killer is someone Martin mentored. He wants to ask Martin about it but he has been put in solitary confinement indefinitely.

. Malcolm talks about what happened with his mother at her house. She gloats about being right. They hear a phone ring. It's coming from the basement where Martin's old office is boarded up.

Malcolm answered the phone and it's Paul Lazar the person who owned and shot at him at the junkyard. He taunts malcom about the camping trip.

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Jessica: Thinking you are more clever then Martin Whitly, that's the worst mistake you can make. He'll exploit you. He'll find a way to come off sympathetic, and you will be left sitting there like ...
Ainsley:  Like what?
Jessica: His accomplice!

Ainsley, if you do not have a plan to make him look bad, he will look good.