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Malcolm is worked up watching Ainsley's interview with Martin. Jessica tells him she knows the girl in the box was real, and she apologizes to him for not believing him.

Malcolm is called into a case on Christmas. A cop is killed along with a sex worker in a hotel room. Malcolm deduces that they were both murdered and it wasn't a murder suicide.

At the station, Malcolm has his first interaction with Colette who is rude, shuts him down, and requests Dani for extra hands. She tries to turn Dani against Malcolm, but it doesn't work.

Malcolm and Gil go speak to Tuner the cop victim's former partner. Shannon is a drunk who holds them at gunpoint. Malcolm recognizes him as the detective who interrogated him about Martin the day he was arrested. He thought Malcolm helped Martin.

Shannon denies killing his partner. He recognizes Malcolm later, but they both bond over being obsessed.

Shannon takes Malcolm to Turner's storage unit. Turner was investigating the junkyard murders long before. They get a name and track John down to his grandmother's house. It's his childhood home.

He and Shannon try to get information. John's mother was an addict and he grew up in a strict religious home. They ask for pictures but they're all scratched out. Malcolm asks to use the bathroom and sneaks into John's room to profile.

John used to get locked in the closet. When Malcom returned to the table he discovers that Shannon was killed.

John is at the house. Malcolm chases him to the shed but is knocked down. John is Paul Lazar.

He takes Malcolm while Gil has since informed the FBI that malcolm was still looking into the case and he doesn't know where he is but had a bad feeling.

Earlier Jessica went to Gil for help with the case but he wants to protect her from getting obsessed.

She steals the evidence photo of the bracelet.

Ainsley is enjoying all the media attention but Jessica reminds her of Jo's terrible it is for her and Malcolm. And the families of the victims. Ainsley doesnt seem to care.

Jessica goes to the media and offers a reward for anyone with information on the bracelet.

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Jessica: I thought he loved you. That at least he took care of you and your sister. I'm sorry.
Malcolm: Thank you, but you don't have to say that.
Jessica: I really do.

Jessica: Why didn't you tell me the girl in the box -- the memories, you have proof they're all real?
Malcolm: How did you? Gil.