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  • Malcolm and Jessica talk to Martin. They want to know what they have to do for him to talk to the authorities abut what happened to him. 
  • He makes a deal that Malcolm has to see him twice in ten days to cover for him. 
  • Jessica makes Malcolm talk to Eve and make a date to talk about what happened. 
  • Malcolm is called to a case. It was a robbery of expensive watches but the woman at the bank was shot in the head. 
  • An insurance person comes to the scene and it was Malcolm's old best friend from high school Vijay. 
  • They agree to work on the case together. 
  • Malcolm doesn't fully trust him. So they tail him. 
  • At the next crime scene the woman survives her shooting. She has cranium surgery at a hospital Martin used to work at. 
  • Martin calls Jessica and threatens to tell if she doesn't tell him where Malcolm is, but she doesn't know. They banter and she hangs up. 
  • Malcolm calls Martin and gets infromation to blackmail the doctor performing surgery so he and Vijay can interview the victim. She gives them a lead.
  • Vijay takes the lead, shakes his tail, and meets up with Cooper the suspect to get the watches. 
  • Malcolm gets the call when he's having dinner with Eve and he tells her about the girl in the box. 
  • Malcolm meets Vijay at a meeting spot.They meet up with the gang of thieves. 
  • They make Malcolm as a cop and profiler but the leader wants to know who on his team has been doing the killings. 
  • Malcolm figures out that it was the one guy who had a crush on Sheila, their team member. 
  • Malcolm uses all of this to put them against each other. They all shoot each other. 
  • Malcolm hits his head and thnks of Martin telling that he's a killer and monster like him. 
  • The killer isn't dead. But Vijay comes to save him followed by Gil and Dani. 
  • Eve goes to Jessica and offers help finding the girl int he box. 
  • When Jessica is out of the room, Eve goes down into the basement, finds the trunk the girl was in, gets emotiona, climbs in, and closes herself in it like she's having memories or thinking of someone. 
Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Malcolm: Vijay and I went to boarding school together. His dad went to prison for smuggling cocaine so ... Dani: Awww. You were "bad dad" kids.

Jessica: You need to make a statement to the police.
Malcolm: You're going to tell them that mom was forced to stab you by the real killer. 
Martin: But in fact, it was you, my boy. Or I don't say anything, and mommy dearest becomes Bedford correctional's newest inmate free to live out all of her sapphic dreams.