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Malcolm battles insomnia. He wanders the streets and has hallucinations of a body wrapped up in the back of a station wagon.

He wants a new case to distract himself, but there isn't a case that requires a profiler. Gil lets him tag along on a case of a murdered drug dealer.

Dani is behaving differently. She has experience in Narcotics, and the case hits close to her. The person many of them suspect is the killer is someone she knows and doesn't believe is guilty.

Dani goes rogue to talk to her old friend. Malcolm surprises her at the club knowing she was going. She talks to her friend. Malcolm realizes she was right about him not being the killer.

A gunfight happens and drugs spill over Malcolm. Gil reprimands Dani and makes her take a high Malcolm home to babysit him. He makes sure she isn't high to sks we find out later she had a drug habit when she was undercover.her friend was the one who saved her.

Malcolm and Dani talk about not making friends easily and considering each other friends. Malcom has more nightmares in the bathroom and Dani knocked him out by punching him.

They talk later on a stakeout about Gil saving them both. Gil used to take Malcolm on stakeout as a kid.

They figure out Xavier was in love with one of the trafficked women name Fabiola but the victim forced her to mule drugs and she died. They go to the hair salon to confront Xavier but it was really Fabiola's mother who killed thr victim and they have to stop her from killing Xavier for not avenging her daughter's death.

Malcolm looks for a box from his childhood where he kept things after he screamed of himself as his father.

Jessica pretends she doesn't know what he's talking about at first, but she leaves it at his apartment later. Malcolm looks through it and sees pics of him and Martin on a trip.

He thinks he and Martin may have gotten rid of the body of that girl in the box based on the pics and his hallucinations and nightmares.

Jessica wants to do more community service and give to causes but no one shows up at her luncheon and don't want her money.

.Except someone named Eve who wasn't even invited. She works to stop human trafficking.

She shows interest in Malcolm. Sparks were flying.

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Gil: I can't help you, Bright. 
Malcolm: Come on, there has to be something. Nothing that requires a profiler? No murders? No kinks? No boiling bunnies? Nothing deviant? Come on, this is New York!

Malcolm: Good morning.
Jessica: Don't lie to your mother. You look exhausted. If I have to take you to the hospital my whole morning is shot.