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Flashback of Malcolm at quantico giving a lesson on profiling psychopaths and serial killers in 2015.   

   Ainsley says she blacked out and is upset Malcolm didn't tell her the truth before. He apologizes. He gets ready to clean up.

Martin calls him the next morning to give him exciting news. He's working in the infirmary because of his good behavior. 

Malcolm gets called in for a murder of a famous plastic surgeon. He inquires about more murders and asks an eager and excited Edrisa to meet up later that night to talk.   

   Jessica's sister Birdie is in town and at the mansion   

   Martin meets Dr. Capshaw, and she is not a fan of his.

Dani notices that Malcolm is stressing out a lot. Ainsley is losing her mine cooped up in the loft not knowing anything so she leaves.Dani advises him to be there for Ainsley whatever she's going through but dont let her bring him down. He implies that she already has which has Dani worried.    

   They show up at rhe old plastic surgery office where Dani feels insecure in the face of all of that and Malcolm casually tells her she's beautiful without realizing it. Nicole's old partners at the office claim they have nothing to hide. Donahue is an asshole. They get Chabra in with their alpha males (JT and Gil) to interrogate him. He gives them a new suspect. Francine, a former client who wanted too much plastic surgery who they cut off.    

   Malcolm meets Edrisa at the morgue and she's wearing a brand new dress and has rose petals on the corner table. He has her run some DNA off the books.   

   A patient in the prison infirmary has painful headaches and when Capshaw is dismissive Martin realizes that the guys head is about to explode and he needs a burr hole done. Capshaw listens to him and let's him talk her through it and then sends him away.

Dani and Malcolm meet up with Francine who has plastic surgery being done in her home off books. She says Donahue gave her the drugs to keep her quiet about how he destroyed his former colleagues face before they started the practice. She went back to England.

Malcolm and Ainsley are noticeably tense at dinner with their passive aggressive aunt and Jessica. Birdie claims she's there to be a shoulder to lean on for Jessica. 

Dani and Malcolm go to talk to Chabra when Donahue goes on the run. They find him injected with the toxins and Malcolm has to put together a stimulant using Donahue's hidden cocaine to revive chabra. It's harrowing and leaves both of them stressed out.

Jessica figures out that her sister was about to sell them out with a tell all book about Jessica and the Whitly family. Jessica realizes that she has to beat the publishing company to it by releasing her own memoir.

They figure out that Donahue would try to get a whole new face before leaving the country. They go to Francine's home and find her attacked and Donahue screaming. His assistant is cutting into him. 

It turns out his assistant, Summer, is really his old colleague, Lana. Malcolm convinces her to leave him mutilated.    

   Malcolm realizes while talking down Lana that Ainsley faked her incident to get back at him. The blood he had Edrisa run was pig's blood. He confronts her about it, and she doesn't seem remorseful and believes they've gotten away with murder.    

   In Estonia, a Europol invesitgator finds Endicott's head,determines that it was frozen, and is headed to NYC.


Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Malcolm: So just one murder today?
Dani: What one isn't doing it for ya anymore?
Edrisa: I could keep my ear to the ground if you like.
Malcolm: Actually I could use your help with something. Are you free-
Edrisa: Yes!
JT: He didn't even give a time!
Malcolm: I'll, uh, swing by the lab tonight.
Edrisa: It's a date.

Anyone can be a murderer. Wrong place. Wrong time. An accident. An impulse. But there's another type of killer. For them, murder is an addiction. A bad love they can't quit. Truth is anyone can do it once, but the second kill, that's when the switch is flipped, and a serial killer is born.