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Martin calls Malcolm to Claremont and Jessica is there too. They debate telling Ainsley what really happened. Malcolm doesn't want to do it.

They catch the murder of an architect in an abandoned haunted hotel. He has a compass jammed in his eyes. 

 The hotel owner just wants to keep going with renovations and fingers the artists who love in the loft above. Ainsley has had sights on him when she's interviewing him and seems to be giving Malcolm the cold shoulder. 

They interview the artists and determine Karina is hiding something. Dani and Malcolm take the elevator, and she checks in with him after finding out he went to Claremont. He doesn't want to share too much. Dani seems to notice and may even feel slighted. A tenant says the architect fixed the elevators that had been broken for three months. Ramone the owner was mad.  Malcolm talks to Ainsley.

She is remembering things and having trouble sleeping. He reassures her and gets a lead about Ramone from her footage. He calls Dani and has her meet him back at the hotel.  He finds Ramone's missing cufflink.

He tells Dani, but someone is there. He follows the shadowed figure and gets pushed down the elevator shaft.  Malcolm has a concussion but wants to interrogate Ramone. The Dani and Malcolm tag team interrogation of Ramone is fantastic. They got a lead with Karina.  Malcolm is having severe headaches. 

   Malcolm envisions family dinner with Jessica, Ainsley, and Martin. 

   In this hallucination, Ainsley is a doctor too. He gets a call from Claremont but doesn't know who he knows there.

He wakes up before he sees whoever is there and he's in his bed at his apartment next to Dani. She comforts him. He tells her how things feel strange and sometimes he doesn't feel like he deserves this happiness. She tells him that he deserves all of it. They kiss. They get called to a case after he hand starts to shake. 

They figure out one of the artists, Wendell, is obsessed with Katrina and was jealous she was with the victim.Dani and Malcolm go to talk to Wendell, but he's dead.

Malcolm gets another call from Claremont. He goes there to talk. It's Gil reminiscent of Martin. He tells him that he did drink the tea and woke up three days later crazy and that Martin is still a serial killer.

Martin shows up to deny it. 

Malcolm realizes he's still in the bottom of the elevator shaft. He thinks if he solves the case it will wake him up.

Malcolm brings Martin to the crime scene to work through the crime scene. 

Greta Swan. He realizes his brain was prompting him the whole time with swans. 

Malcolm realizes that Greta's father was the bowery killer that Wendell was writing about in his book  and killed again. He didn't want his daughter to know who he was. 

He holds Martin hostage. Malcolm shoots the killer to save his father. But even though he solved the case he's still stuck in the dream.  

   Malcolm realizes that it's all a dream and that it's what life would he like if he never found out the truth. 

Martin tries to talk Malcolm into staying in that reality where he's happy for them and for Dani. 

   Malcolm opens the box anyway and wakes up. Saving himself from the elevator shaft and finding remains. Dani and JT show up. 

Malcolm confronts the bowery killer. They arrest him. They're surprised that Malcolm solved a murder in his sleep basically.

Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Jessica: Your father and I have discussed it, and we think it's time to tell Ainsley the truth about Nicholas Endicott.Martin: Specifically that she killed him.
Malcolm: That's a bad idea. She's suffering from PTSD. Learning the full story will only make it worse.
Jessica: Not if we tell her as a family. 
Martin: That way we can control the narrative. 
Malcolm: Of course, it's about control. 
Martin: Fine. Guide. Steer. Lightly jouge the narrative. 

Malcolm: How's it going today Mr. David?
Mr. David: Chimicanga day in the cafeteria.
Malcolm: Is that good or bad?
Mr. David: Ask me tomorrow.