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  • Simon is in NYC. 
  • Malcolm gets called to a crime scene while agreeing to meet his mother for dinner later that evening. 
  • Simon shows up at the crime scene and doesn't make the best impression. 
  • Martin gears up for another day working with Capshaw, and he sets his sights on a pair of scissors and a scalpel lost during a scuffle. 
  • Simon profiles the crime scene. He brings up that he was investigating crime overseas and this crime scene is connected with his investigation.
  • Simon mentions that he's invesitagting Endicott's murder. 
  • Malcolm used Endicott's network of couriers to dispose of his body. 
  • Flash back to the previous year of Malcolm taking Endicott's cut up body to a courier. He tries to go unnoticed when he hands the suitcases off, but he ends up having to help her put the suitcases in the back and she reassures him everything will be fine.
  • she's the only one from the organization courier network who hasn't been killed yet. Malcolm wants to find her before Simon does. 
  • Malcolm updates Martin about Simon, and Martin has taken the scissors and hid them.
  • Malcolm tries to track down the woman courier he worked with before she gets killed, he tracks down the seafood company she works at. When he arrives, there's already a body. Malcolm snatches the dead guy's phone, then has to cut off his thumb for access, but before he can leave, Dani and JT arrive at the scene and call it in while he's hiding.
  • Simon notices how strangely Malcolm is acting at the crime scene and the fact that Malcolm's arm is still wet from digging into the water for the phone. It's a game of cat and mouse and feels awkward between them.
  • Martin sees Capshaw upset that her patient died. 
  • Simon sniffs around at Jessica's house and riles her up. It casues her to call a family meeting where they all bicker.
  • Simon visits Martin in prison and taunts him and tries to read if he's on the right track about Malcolm's guilt and Martin's involvment. He's rude to Capshaw, and she eventually kicks Simon out.
  • Malcolm unlocks the phone and gets the courier's number, Nat. Simon shows up and accuses Malcolm of murder and they antagonize each other.
  • Malcolm tracks down the courier but she's the one who is the murderer. She's on her way to take out Simon.
  • Malcolm gets to Simon in time and tries to warn him about Natalie who starts firing at them both. Simon gets shot in the leg.
  • Malcolm goes after Natalie, when she goes overboard the ship, he tries to help her but she tries to shoot him and falls getting skewered. 
  • Gil tells Malcolm that they think Nat was the one who killed Endicott.
  • Simon buys that Nat killed Endicott, and they arrange for him to get the credit and relaunch his fame with the case. Ainsley loves that they got away with murder.
  • Capshaw sneaks into Martin's room at night and confronts him about the scissors. There's a lot of sexual tension. He obliges and gives them to her after a tense moment of not knowing what he'd do with them, and then he kisses her. 
Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Simon: Detective Powell, young, accomplished. Enchanté.
Dani: No.

Ainsley and I may have had it out, but it was constructive.