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  • Jessica is having a hard time accessing her memories to write her memoir and has writer's block. Malcolm asks Gil to help her out. 
  • Gil wants Malcolm to stay off the latest case after losing someone in the field, but he crashes the crime scene with dismembered body parts in a meat locker. 
  • Martin tries to get Capshaw's attention and talk about their kiss. He eventually does and wants more. She tells him that she can't do that and crossed a line. She doesn't want to risk everyhting and tell him that it's over, but he's not convinced.
  • They find the torso at the crime scene and it has a name carved in it that Edrisa's web sleuth group gave a person who killed birds and they suspected of escalation to humans. Edrisa shares her past time and information with the team.
  • Malcolm visits Martin to talk about the case, but Martin is distracted fataszing about Capshaw.
  • Edrisa opens up to Malcolm about how she got into the web sluething, and how she was a misfit who didn't have friends growing up, but they were her family. 
  • They identify the victim as one of the killabustas, Bird Boy.
  • Dani checks in with Malcolm and talks about when she lost someone in the field. She cries. She tells him that trauma won't just disappear unless he works through it but he doesn't have to do it alone. 
  • Edrisa shows up to meet them, "Pulling a Bright" and they agree to let her tag along. The suspect's house looks like a crime scene. They find someone running out, they won't listen to directions and jump into a hybrid to escape. They plow down Malcolm, and jump out of the car. They are part of the killabustas.
  • They interview each of them. Malcolm and Edrisa interview Blaze who hits it off with Edrisa. They mostly flirt. He says he got something from the Audobon society and it was a note inside. Edrisa got the same but threw it away, so Malcolm accompanies her to her apartment to find it.
  • Gil takes Jessica the files and gives her some reassurance about what she's doing. They have a specai moment.
  • The note gives them the screenname of the killer who infiltrated the group.
  • Martin gives Capshaw a hard time in the infirmary so she has him restrained.
  • Edrisa and Blaze go out on a date. Dani and Malcolm crash it thiking that Blaze is their killer, but that's not the case. But someone dropped the head there at Edrisa's.
  • Capshaw finally goes to talk to Martin when it's late and everyone else is out of the infrmary. She tells him that he spoke at her medical school, and she wanted to be great. But she didn't fit in, and they callled her reckless. He apologized for undermining her authority and tells her that she deserves someone who can make her dreams come true. She doesnt care and unties him so they can have sex.
  • Malcolm brings Edrisa home since the killer knows where she is. Blaze is there too and he invites the rest of the killabustas over as they all pool together to investigate.
  • They figure out that Ashton is the real Vulture when everyone leaves, so they have to go after him.
  • He catches on that they're onto him and has Malcolm and Edrisa at gunpoint. Edrisa uses the knife Blaze gave on him, and she goes to find Blaze who was shot but is alive.
  • Malcolm and Dani talk. he let's the name Nicholas slip when he talks about Natalie. When he comes close to admitting something and has hallucination of Martin tell him to kiss Dani, he pushes her out of his apartment. 
  • Gil and Jessica talk and slow dance at his garage.
Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Martin: Vivian, please. Sorry, I cannot stop thinking about the other night.
Capshaw: Neither can I. It was a mistake. It was a colossal lack in judgment.
Martin: Most good things are.
Capshaw: Look, I've made bad decisions in my life. Kissed the wrong men, trusted the wrong friends, but all of that is nothing compared to what I did with you.

Jessica: I used to write all of the time. I kept diaries, but after your father's arrest, I stopped writing started repressing.
Malcolm: Mm. Runs in the family.