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  • Malcolm wakes up at the cabin. 
  • Ainsley tells Jessica that she has sources telling her Capshaw is claiming Malcolm was the accomplice, and Capshaw is hamming it up with Ruiz claiming that he has cruel eyes and helped.
  • Martin has dyed his hair and is trying to be icognito.
  • Martin and Malcolm are in Vermont. 
  • Ainsley gets a message.
  • Martin presents Malcolm with the case of the Woodsman and wants him to find a missing girl, Jeannie. Martin thinks it'll help Malcolm clear his name.
  • Malcolm is shocked that Martin never told him about the letters he got from the Woodsman, and Martin reminds him that he tried but Malcolm wanted nothing to do with him.
  • Ruiz wants to put a BOLO out on Malcolm and Gil stops her professing to stake his career on it all. 
  • Malcolm is deep into trying to find the Woodsman and has figured out that he's law enforcement.
  • Malcolm meets up with Sheriff Cooley to talk about the missing girl. She dismisses the Woodsman theory. Her husband,Don, finds it ridicoulous too.
  • He also talks to a Deputy Krutch who worked most of the Woodsman cases. He calls him out on missing evidence and more at the crime scene. 
  • Martin calls to tell him that Malcolm is on the news and being deemed an accomplice. 
  • Jessica tells Gil what happened with Capshaw and says that she'll take accountability for it. 
  • Dani is upset about the recent development and JT tries to give her some comfort. He says they have a lead. 
  • Jessica invites Capshaw over for dinner.  Capshaw poisons Jessica when she steps away.
  • Krutch knocks Martin out and points a gun at Malcolm. He brings them  to jail. Krutch probably isn't the Woodsman as he's happy to make the arrest of the century, but someone else is. 
  • Jessica realizes she's drugged, but it turns out that she is wearing a wire and GIl and the gang are outside listening.
  • She was faking her getting drugged. She tries to get Capshaw to confess and does. Capshaw tries to kill her and they fight.
  • Krutch knows who the Woodsman is when Malcolm prompts him, but the Woodsman kills him and takes Martin and Malcolm prisoner.
  • JT, Dani, and Ainsley show up in town to find Malcolm and Martin. Cooley is acting strangely and they notice. They find bloody clothes in the trash and she tries to hold them hostage. Dani knocks her down.
  • Don is the Woodsman.
  • Malcolm presents a new deal and asks Martin to hurt the Woodsman to save Jeannie. Martin obliges and Malcolm notes as he hears the wails that his hand isn't shaking.
  • They save Jeannie. Martin is great, but then Malcolm calls to say that he found Jeannie and Martin is with him.
  • Martin takes off and Malcolm follows them. The team find Jeannie. Malcolm and Martin have a astandoff and Martin tries to kill him. Malcolm defends himself, stabbing Martin inside and Martin thinks they're the same. Dani shows up and asks Malcolm what he did.
Prodigal Son
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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Martin: We're the victims here, Malcolm. That woman abducted me and almost killed you. If she's smart ...
Malcolm: She'll tell them I was part of the whole thing.
Martin: We're in a pickle.

Gil: You buying this?
Dani: She's wrong about Bright.
JT: Our boy is crazy, but he's not the crazy.
Gil: Good. We all know she's lying; problem is we're the only ones.