Hynek Is Kidnapped - Project Blue Book
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Hynek wakes up in an airport hangar with the Man in Black.

Hynek calls Mimi and then he and the Man in Black talk about the Maury Island UFO incident.

Mimi talks to Quinn about Hynek.

Hynek is going to pretend he's a Man in Black. They all get on an airplane and take off to Maury Island.

Quinn visits Dan about Hynek and asks for help.

Mimi asks Sgt. Faye for help and she helps her so she could look at the Blue Book reports.

Hynek and his new friends visit Ernest from Maury Island who saw the UFO.

Dan and Quinn visit Rebecca for help in finding Hynek.

Quinn figures out it's the metal object from Rebecca's drawings.

Hynek and gang go to Ernest's boat but Hynek has Ernest run away and and then runs too.

Quinn calls the office and Mimi answers the phone. And she tells him some info she found and then they talk about the metal object and Maury Island.

The Man in Black (Willie) talks about his experience in the program as he and the others search for the UFO debris.

Something happens on the boat when the guys can't come up and the boat starts lilting. Something's coming up, but it's just one of the divers. He's got metals with him. The other guy is dead apparently.

Dan and Quinn save Hynek and Hynek goes home.

The generals inform the boys that Blue Book is finished.








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I want to know what the hell you think is going on!