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-The designers are put into teams of two and tasked with making outfits for stilt walkers. They have one day and $500. The runway will be an outdoor event with a live audience.

-Top three are Anthony and Laura with a red couture gown, Danielle and Cecilia with a chiffon pantsuit, and Kimberly and Becky with tailored, military styled suit.

-Laura wins the challenge for her work on the red gown. She has immunity for next week.

-Bert and Viktor hate one another and their dress looks like it was made from draperies. They are in the bottom three.

-Fallene fails to construct a bodice and her and Bryce's black swan inspired outfit looks amateurish. Also bottom three.

-Josh M and Julie go for a romantic matador puts them on the bottom as well. It looks like a costume.

-Fallene is out and sent home. The only thing she made for their outfit was the headpiece.

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Project Runway Season 9 Episode 3 Quotes

Have fun. Think big.


Maybe I'm too much of a normal person.