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Dr. Carolyn Tyler is jogging and then in surgery where someone's lungs are filling up. She'll fix that. She slices, pokes her finger into his chest and blood gushes out. That's not good. Interspersed with her surgery, she imagines seeing someone walking into the light. She prays in Latin, and another doctor gets ice to lower the body temperature in a rare procedure.

Just as she decides the case is a lost cause and to call the boy as deceased, she's pulled from water and revived, looking back at a wrecked ship. At some point, she was dead herself.

Dr. Tyler meets up with another doctor in the hallway, who appears to be her ex, as they talk about their daughter and what appears to be another child who is no longer with them. 

She's called to Dr. Stanton's office to discuss a potential meeting with a multi-billionaire donor, Ivan Turing, who wants to donate money.

Suddenly she's at a futuristic building meeting Ivan's associate, who is wide eyed and busy tailed about working with the main. Carolyn learns Ivan is dying, and she thinks he wants to buy her services. Not so much.

Ivan knows that there may be proof of life after death, and he has the means to find it. He also knows it may be crap, and Carolyn is the person to determine the difference between the two. He knows about her dead son and her own near death experience and she's not happy at all. Until her daughter, who has been withdrawn since the death of her son, is very interested in Ivan Turing.

Ivan also offered to Carolyn the entirety of his estate, $10 billion, to use as she pleases for Medics International, the project she believes in wholeheartedly.

When Carolyn goes to see the young man who died on the table the previous day, he's watching a psyhic on TV named Peter Van Owen. It prompts him to ask her questions about his own near death experience. He saw his body and her running shoes. She tries to talk him out of what he saw, until he repeats the Latin prayer that she recited at his side. Then she has to rethink what she knows.

Carolyn immediately goes to Zed and asks what he heard during the surgery, as well as his opinion on life after death. Her husband, Len, approaches. Sophie had trouble at school.

When she gets home, she finds a file from Ivan. It's a little girl and the next day she takes Zed to the girls house for an honest assessment.

Her parents believed she died and went to heaven. Lily has drawn photos of everything that happened, including what her dad did when he was upset. She also met family members she could have never. There is one outlier, though, who was never identified. The have Peter Van Owen's latest book on their table.

Cat (Carolyn's nickname) takes the medical files to Len. Will wonders if Will hadn't died if they might still be togther. No. He would have still been screwing a 26 year old pharmacy rep in their bed while she was on call.

Carolyn and Zed go to see Lily's grandmother, who tells them the truth story about papa. He's her real grandfather, someone who was never revealed to her own mother. In the meantime, the little girl has had a setback and the parents refuse to allow her to have surgery. 

With the family, there is Peter Van Owen. There is a 70% chance Lily won't survive the surgery, so they decide not to put her through it. They figure maybe she wasn't meant to come back to them, and God let them know that she would be OK in that other place and now they have to let her go. Carolyn only knows for sure that, right now, their daughter is alive and they have the chance to save their girl and see her grow up. Not everyone is that lucky.

Peter meets with Carolyn in the lobby to tell her he never asked that they decline the surgery. She thinks he does cheap parlor tricks, and he gives her a message from Will. She pounds him up against the coke machine. She wants to believe like everyone else, on faith, but she can't. She needs to know.

Lily pulled through the surgery. She was told not to tell any more of her stories to Carolyn. By who Carolyn asks. Lily just shakes her head.

Carolyn goes to see Ivan. She accepts his offer and puts together a team with Zed and his protoge, Janel. 

Later that night, Carolyn and Sophie watch home movies of Will and discuss the possbility of life after death. Carolyn doesn't believe she'll find anything, but thinks it's worth a shot.

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Proof Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Carolyn: Excuse me?
Ivan: Kicking the bucket, taking the big dirt nap. You're a doctor. I'm sure you're familiar with the concept.

Ivan: Mind if we skip the usual chit chat, like the amazing amazing architecture, what a great pleasure to meet me, all that?
Carolyn: I have rounds to make.
Ivan: Right. Good. I'm dying.