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When a musical prodigy is brought into the emergency room after collapsing on stage, another woman wants to insist that Cat do surgery for a disease called Epsteins. She's certain that her son has been reincarnated in this boy. Not only was her son also a musical prodigy, he played the same songs with the same missteps and also died of Epsteins. Cat is not impressed.

Ivan's sister is concerned with the recent spike in his donations to Medic's International. He lies to her about the reasons for the increase.

Len cannot believe a) that Kyle has Epsteins, b) that Cat discovered it and c) that a strange woman told her to search for it based on possible reincarnation. He's suddenly intrigued about her work with Ivan Turing.

While Cat, Zed and Janel are driving around talking about Kyle and reincarnation, Cat spots the woman with the green scarf. She jumps out of the car in the hopes of speaking with her. She loses her in the street.

Cat is taken aback when she discovers Deborah and Ava have met in the cafeteria, but Deborah didn't tell Ava exactly why she has such a keen interest in Kyle, only that her son, Matthew died of the same disease.

While she's in the hallway, Cat hears a patient crashing. After the patient dies, she notices on the table next to him are the flowers the woman with the scarf carries.

After Cat comforts Kyle as a result of a bad dream, she learns it's recurring. 

On her way out of the hospital, Cat runs into Deborah in the waiting room, and the two discuss what it's like to lose a son. Cat takes the time to ask her whether Matthew might have had any issues with water, which is what Kyle's dream was about. Matthew very nearly drowned when he was five.

Cat meets with Peter Van Owen to talk about the possibility of reincarnation, but with a very specific case. He notes she's changed. She agrees she's seen things it's hard to explain and wishes she had his certainty about these things. He wishes he has what she believes he had. He reveals a dark secret.

Kyle is missing from his hospital room. He's in the lounge playing piano. When it's revealed that Deborah took him, she calls him Matthew and is unable to stop. She tells Ava what she believes. Cat lays into her and tells her never to come back.

Janel is accosted by Shasha at Ivan's.

Charles chastises Cat about the Deborah and Ava situation. She's off the case. 

Len arrives at Cat's hours later, upset that she was avoiding his calls. Kyle was their patient together, after all. Yes, she screwed up. Is she really believing all of that crap she's researching for Ivan Turing? How does she fix it, she wants to know. He welcomes her to the fallible club.

Zed discovered information about the woman with the scarf. Patricia Wolcott. She works for Helping Hands to comfort the sick. She no longer wants to proceed with anything regarding the woman. Zed is surprised.

Len tells Kyle the story of Cat the superhero. Suddenly she's the one doing the surgery on the young boy.

Deborah finds Cat and Zed in the street to check on Kyle's status. Cat lies to her about the disease Kyle had so she can move on. She then proceeds to tell Zed she quits. She needs to move on with her own life to avoid ever making a mistake like the one she made with Deborah and Ava.

Cat and Len reminisce about surgeries they did together in the pass. Things get uncomfortably familiar and they part quickly.

Janel tells Ivan about her discussion with Sasha. If he tells Sasha about his illness, it will jeopardize everything, because she'll be forced to tell the board about his illness, which will call into question his mental capacity. 

Patricia Wolcott jumps out of the bushes at Cat's home. She is there to tell Cat about her NDE and to warn her from continuing her investigation. It appears to be the one thing that will make Cat continue her investigation.


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Proof Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Cat: You know, unchecked ego is usually a sign of deep insecurity.
Peter: Is it? Well, I'll remember that the next time I check in with the world's greatest heart surgeon.

Sasha: I want to talk to you about some of your expenditures.
Ivan: Don't you ever feel like talking about something else? How about net neutrality. Do you have an opinion on that or are you neutral on neutrality?