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Soldiers under attack. A guy is calling to his guys, asking Tommy to come on, and he's shot. A man is being regressed in a dream state. He's crying. It's on film in front of an auditorium and Cat and Zed are in the audience. Carolyn isn't impressed with the "crap" he's talking about, and Zed is surprised when she wants to talk with the lecturer after it's over. 

It turns out she attended medical school with him. They're friends.

Outside, the man who was in the video is fighting with another man who claims to have the same story coming out in a graphic novel. It's possible both men are reliving the exact same battle from the Korean war. 

Zed runs into someone he knows from Africa at home. He's apparently engaged to be married, but doesn't want to go back to the life he was once promised to continue. He's an honorable man, however.

Sophie's desire for an exchange student causes Cat to consider cleaning out Will's room.

Cat and her friend talk with the other guy and they're surprised to learn he did no research about the battle at all. Every detail came to him by way of his dreams. 

When they regress the guy who is not Tommy/Liam, they discover their stories are not the same. Cat has doubts they were really at the same place as a result.

Cat learns from her college friend that he had a crush on her back in the day and they seal the deal back in his hotel room. 

He tries to regress her, but it doesn't work. Suddenly, she's in the car, outside of Will's school. It must be like the day of the accident, but she's staring at Will when a truck crashes into the car, and that seems unlikely. She's suddenly at the hospital, screaming. She sees the woman with the green scarf. She wakes up. She was regressed. She assures her friend that she didn't go anywhere and it didn't work. He doesn't believe her.

She runs out of the hotel in tears.

Liam and Ryder regress together. They discover they were in love. It's not nearly as awkward as it should be upon coming out of it.

Cat decides to wait on cleaning out Will's room, opting to do it with Len and as a family. Their last night together was at a baseball game and she delivers to Len the pop ball he got. 

Zed decides against telling his girlfriend about his change of heart, even going to far as to say he loves her.

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