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Sophie and Wade are sitting outside an old church telling a ghost story when they actually come in contact with something real, an actual spirit, which happens to knock out a police officer.

When Cat takes the team to investigate Joshua Butler's ghost at St. Luke's, she flashes back to Will's funeral.

Zed and Janel continue on the case at the church.

Cat's father is brought into the ER with a possible heart attack. It becomes apparent where Cat gets her stubborn nature.

Janel and Zed bring Peter Van Owen to a cafe under false pretenses and then try to lure him to the church to speak with the ghost of Joshua Butler. He's more interested in speaking with Cat and leaves. 

Cat's father goes a little too far when he says Len probably left her because of her behavior.

Cat has a nice talk with a priest at St. Luke's about faith in yourself when she discussed how she believes her father feels about her. In the meantime, her father is bonding with Len and telling him he doesn't blame him for what happened with their marriage. Len tells her father the truth.

Cat tells the priest she doesn't blame God for Will's death, because she doesn't believe in him anymore. She believes in herself more, and believes others do, too. The priest offers to absolve her of her "sins" but doesn't see the point since she won't forgive herself. There isn't any blame when things happen, they just do, he says.

Cat checks in on her father and tells her mother he needs surgery as soon as possible. The surgery doesn't go super well. Cat's surprised her mother has been keeping up with medicine.

Van Owen discovers a hidden door where a vagrant has likely been rustling up ghostly apparitions.

Cat's surprised Len told her father about what happened and even more that her father tossed him out of the room. She also learns that her father lost his parents because he chose to marry a white woman. They never even acknowledged Cat. She thought they were dead before she was born. 

Cat and her father are closer after the surgery and promise to run together. 

Cat remembers a time she was taken to church to confess for her arrogant behavior. The priest in the confessional was the same one at St. Luke's. Cat goes back to St. Luke's and lights a candle for Will.



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Proof Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sophie: If Ivan Turing asked you to do it, you'd be there in a minute, but be, I must be making it up.
Cat: Sophie, I really don't believe in ghosts.
Sophie: Big surprise. You really don't believe in anything.

Great. The one person in the room without any medical experience is the one giving orders.