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Cat is having a dream about her son and the tsunami she was in when she gets a call that a heart with a very rare blood type has come in for a patient named Chris who has been waiting over a year.

Ivan calls with time sensitive information, as well. He wants her to come by as soon as possible.

Zed was denied the last loan for which he applied. Janel really wants him to appeal to Ivan, but he doesn't want to be beholden to anyone. Janel likes Zed, "having lunch with him" and wants him to stay. He kisses her. They have a thing!

Cat is disappointed to learn Adam's wife won't donate his heart. As the fellow's wife talks about never seeing him again, it comes to me that it's more important than ever that Cat discover what's on the other side so that she can give the woman something to hold onto. This is ever more clear when Charles refuses to allow Cat to fight for the donor card he signed. 

Cat then sees Patricia and wants her gone. Charles inserts himself into the conversation. He's on my last nerve.

Adam's wife had a discussion with Patricia who told her to take Adam off the ventilator to keep him from moving on. Cat shares her personal experience.

Zed's ex girlfriend shows up in America and her father promises to relieve all of his debt if he can talk her into returning to her home country.

Ivan wants to flatline in order to find answers. He wants Cat to kill him. She refuses.

Cat gets the good news that Adam's wife gave consent for his heart. In surgery, she sees her son. She remembers being in the tsunami and reaching out to Will, who was helping her out of the water. She asks another doctor to take over for her and leaves the operating theater. 

Cat calls Charles to her office. She asks for a full neurological workup based upon what happened in the operating room and is taken off of surgical rotation. 

Janel asks Ivan to trust Zed with the flatlining thing, going behind Cat's back.

Cat introduces Adam's wife Samantha and Chris' wife, Lindsay.

Zed tries to tell his ex that he never loved her. He only agreed to marry her to go to medical school. She refuses to believe him.

Chris starts to reject Adam's heart.

Janel visits Zed, catching him after he and his ex have had sex. 

Cat discovers her MRI is clean, and neurologically, there is nothing wrong with her. Charles wants her to give herself a break, remember how difficult her last year has been and to get some rest. When she leaves the office, she hears water behind her -- it's just the janitor.

Len comes over to help her relieve stress with scrabble and pizza, but she takes it a step farther with some sex time.

When Cat wakes up, she hears Will and runs to him. He's standing with Patricia. When she almost reaches him, she is in the hallway of her house and he's gone.

Cat calls Peter Van Owen for his help in stopping the the visions she's been having. He believes Patricia may stuck in both worlds, at least believing she can go back and forth between them, or Cat's subconscious is inserting her into her hallucinations.

Janel finds Ivan on the floor, out cold. He's wheeled into the hospital. Charles says it's the tumor. It appears Ivan may get his wish to flatline with her help, after all. He promises he'll use the machine when he's better.

Cat talks with Patricia who says she tried to warn her about the line blurring between this side and the next. Patricia says her NDE changed her. Cat says she needs to know more, and Patricia assures her they'll all know more one day.

Cat goes into Ivan's flatlining machine room by herself. Credits roll.

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Proof Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Cat: You're going to let this machine kill you.
Ivan: Yes! I'm going to flatline. At least temporarily.

I've never told anyone this before, but donating my son's organs was incredibly difficult for me. I mean, you'd think, as a doctor, it would be easy for me. But there was a part of me that wanted my perfect, beautiful boy to stay that way.