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On Cat's morning run, she runs past her own accident in a hallucination, right to the beach again, where Will is walking. She calls out to him and runs. She's flatlining on the table. She's gone.

Six hours earlier: Zed's girlfriend is no longer an ex. Her father has frozen her bank account and cancelled her credit cards. She wants Zed to decide between the known and the unknown before she settles there.

Ivan wants monitors available at all angles during his surgery so he can see his brain as it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. He wants Cat in surgery for conversation. Charles sarcastically says that makes him excited. Cat, meanwhile, is asking Zed to help her flatline. He is very skeptical of assisting her, but he knows even without his help, she'll still find a way to do it.

Ivan tells Sasha what's going on with him, both about the tumor and the cancer. He's delightedly forthright and pleasant. She's angry he didn't trust her with the knowledge, and the way he told her it's no wonder. He wasn't very soft about his reasons for choosing to tell Janel over her.

Meanwhile, Zed flatlines Cat. Her experience is very similar to what she's been going through while awake. She's at the opening scene, running through the street, seeing Will. At the beach, calling out to him. Patricia is there. She greets her and says she warned her to stop. Cat wonders if it's real. (There is a strange light Cat sees between her and Will.) Patricia says she'll take Cat to Will. It's Patricia's time to pass on, and that's why she can take her on to the other side. Up until this point, she has only helped people to reach this far. Cat has to go now or never come back.

Patricia tries to pull her onto the other side as Zed tries to bring her back to life. He gets her pulse back and calls an ambulance. At the hospital, they call Dr. Barliss. Everyone wonders what the hell happened to her. Zed looks on. He tries to explain to Len, but it's not exactly possible to do that.

Ivan is looking at his brain. He thinks it looks like an alien life form. He starts talking about his favorite food, and they discover what not to touch to keep him talking properly. Ivan is fascinated by what would scare the shit out of others. 

Sasha runs into Janel and rails into her, saying by keeping Ivan's secret she may have cost him his legacy and his life.

Cat is at the office, laying down on the job. Len is trying to figure out what happened. All she recalls is reaching out to Will. She says she was running, but didn't get there. It seems they would be able to see the paddle marks on her chest, knowing Zed tried shocking her heart already. 

While on the table, Ivan seizes and is suddenly paralyzed. Sasha is only worried about brain damage so she can get her hands on the company. Charles doesn't have any such qualms, but you can see the wheels spinning in her head. 

Len and Charles talk about what's gone on with Cat. Charles thinks there was a procedure done to her. Len is surprised to learn what Zed didn't tell him about when Cat was brought into the hospital. When Cat wakes up, Sophie is there. So are some flowers. Sophie recalls the woman looking a lot like Patricia. Cat realizes none of it was real.

Sasha overhears Len disparaging Ivan in the hallway, and he asks about the building. She admits they own it. 

Zed finds Cat trying to get out of bed. She's in a state and angry over Patricia not really dying and taking her to the other side. 

Len and Sasha are at the flatline machine. It leads to Len trying to take Sophie from Cat. Sophie wants to stay with her mother because she understands why Cat did what she did, to try to see Will again. Len wants her to get help, but he's still going to talk to a lawyer and pursue legal custody of Sophie.

Charles wants to talk to Cat next. Cat immediately decides to quit, but Charles wants her to explain her investigation into life after death. After hearing her attempt at an explanation, he suggests that perhaps her investigation was hubris. She's not thinking rationally. He accepts her resignation. She asks that he please not take anything out on Zed, as he was just doing what she asked.

Zed and Janel meet for coffee. They are all falling apart. Zed wouldn't want to stay at the hospital if Cat left, so he decides to go back to Kenya. Janel is not allowed to see Ivan. 

Cat visits Ivan in the hospital. She fills him in on the news. She tells him it was all an illusion, your mind flashing images as your body shuts down. The cost has been too high. Her career, her personal life. She can't. He says it's hard, of course, but they can't give up. She says he'll have to do it without her. He's going to have to do it without his company, too. Sasha took it over. 

When Cat is ready to get into the elevator, she meets a new Helping Hands volunteer. Patricia really did die. She really did pass to the other side, at the exact time Cat was doing her experiment. She goes into Ivan's room to share the news, a sly smile on her face. They're connected and the light that is always behind the heads of those in the know appears behind hers.


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Proof Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You said we can't know what's on the other side. You were talking about the living, weren't you? We can't cross all the way and go back.


Cat: Am I really on the other side?
Patricia: Not quite yet. That's where you need to go. The answer to all your questions. Everything you've been searching for, is right there. Come, I'll take you to your son.