Showdown - Proven Innocent
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Bellows holds a press conference about having arrested Madeline. He says she is guilty and he promises he will convict her. Meanwhile Madeline objects to the guards taking her case files but they won't listen.

Violet thanks all her listeners and says that Maddie will b e out on bond soon and will be working on her own defense. Meanwhile, an El Salvadoran immigrant is in prison for a murder he didn't commit.

Easy tells Hector the case is weak. Hector is upset he won't be allowed to change out of his prison uniform.

At the hearing, Dr. Lovett testifies that Hector's computer was connected to his phone. The husband of the victim screams that this is a travesty.The judge tells him to stop.

Easy feel slike he lett Maddie down. Maddie says it's empty bluster, a campaign stunt. Is he sure Levi wasn't arrested too? Easy says no.

Bodie breaks into Levi's to look for him. Levi is nowhere to be found. Bodie finds Levi's wallet.

Maddie wants to hear about cases. Easy updates her on Hector's case. Maddie starts telling Easy about the judge. Easy feels prepared. He wants her to focus on her own case.

Bodie talks to one of the women who was in the cult. She won't talk about Levi. She says she will meet him at Sparrow Ridge tomorrow.

Easy has a guy on the stand who was working across the street and saw Hector arrive at the victim's house three hours after the victim was killed. Jduge Gleeson grants a new trial. Hector released on 100k bond. But ICE decides to detain HEctor ecen though he has been here his entire life. Easy accuses the opposing counsel of having called ICE. He denies it. Hector's mother says he will be killed in El Salvador.

Easy goes to immigration court and sees a very small child who was separated from his parents. The judge is talking directly to the child. Easy decides to take this case. He wants the child reunited with his parents. The judge wants the government to find out where the chlid's parents are.

Bellows is celebrating and Isabel wants to talk to him. She says she is worried about her staged intimacy with Levi. She says if they put Levi on the stand the defense will find out. Bellows says he can't make her second chair and has to fire her to protect her. With her gone all hands are clean. She is upset. She threatens to tell the defense. He says he will claim no knowledge and she will be disbarred.

The prosecutor appears jointly with Easy. He says MS-13 was created by deporting instead of punishing violent people. Easy says Hector is back in jail, no bond anymore. Judge agrees.

Wren comes to see Maddie. They are all on edge and are using their fear to  work harder for Maddie. Maddie says tell everyone she's making bail and then they're gonna win this. They hold hands. Maddie starts panicking. Wren says NO. She won't let her be negative.

Maddie is taken to court. Violet says there is no sign of Levi. Maddie tells Easy not to let Bellows get to him.

Bellows tries for no bail. He argues that as a lawyer Ms Scott is aware she will be spending time in prison and therefore is a flight risk. Easy says they will not only prove Madeline's innocence and in fact the star witness is a suspect. Bellows objects to this stunt. Easy says that Bellows is involved in a campaign stunt. Judge wants to see Easy's pre-trial presentation in 3 days but sets bond at 500k

Bellows is angry that Heather didn't tell him about the cult. He's angry when she won't answer. She finally says Ravi left town before Rosemary wsa murdered and is prepared to testify against Madeline.

Bodie meets with Sarah. She says they had sex in the cult and took Adderal to stay skinny. for Ravi. They all worshiped him. Rosemary was intense and was Ravi's favorite. Violet says they need to know his background. Sarah doesn't know Ravi's full name. Heather is the only one who would know. She knew him first, brought him here. She met him at some church. New Dawn Ministries. Sarah agrees to testify.

Proven Innocent
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Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Hector: How am I supposed to convince the judge I didn't do it when all she sees is a convict?
Easy: That's my job. Not yours. All you have to do is hold your head up high and let that judge see there is more to you than just clothes.

Good morning. This morning I executed a warrant for the arrest of Madeline Scott for the murder of 17-year-old Rosemary Lynch. Her conviction was unfortunately vacated 10 years ago, but I have always believed she is guilty. As a prosecutor, it is my job to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I promise you I will do that. This time we have the murder weapon. The Lynch family will finally have closure. Because the monster who murdered their loved one will spend the rest of her life behind bars.