The Case of a Mother - Proven Innocent
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We have an aerial view of dredging the lake. Isabel says the drones have found 11 weapons so far. Bellows' wife disapproves of the expense. Bellows is determined to make an arrest and thinks no one will care that he broke campaign finance laws once he gets Madeline.

Levi comes to see Maddie. He has information on a bunch of the girls who were with Rosemary because he slept with most of them.

Maddie watches a video of a doctor saying that certain injuries might not come from shaking a baby but from an illness. A woman is there because her sister has been in jail for 10 years for killing her baby. She claims that Gabrielle had post partum depression but was careful with the baby.

Maddie and Easy meet with Gabrielle. She says she found the baby dead. She admits to having fantasies of getting rid of the baby. She was afraid she  might hurt her but she never did. She took her meds and saw her doctor so she wouldn't. The day before Amelia died, nothing happened. She loved her and didn't kill her.

Violet does a podcast on this story and asks how you go on after your baby dies in this manner and you have to wonder whether you should have hidden your pain.

Maddie calls a doctor who says that the baby died of head trauma but he can't tell what caused it. The ADA keeps being inflammatory.remarks. The judge is unsure about this but allows them to look at the autopsy slides.

Gabrielle's mother in law confronts the team and calls them all disgusting. Maddie tries to keep the peace.

The doctor has an alternate theory but he will need blood samples from both parents. Maddie realizes there could be hundreds of women who are being unjustly jailed when they did not shake their babies.

Clay thinks if there was a disease they would have found it. He says Gabrielle wouldn't go near Amelia. Maddie says PPD doesn't mean she killed Amelia. Easy says if it were his kid he'd want to know what happened. Clay says okay, but he's only doing it for Amelia's sake.

Bodie wishes Castro would have given him advance notice. She gets defensive. He says he's just processing this.  She has to go get Nathan. No hard feelings if this is too much reality. Bodie thinks that's cool of her. She thinks he's a man-child.

Clay tested negative for the blood disorder. Maddie and Bodie argue over whether Gabrielle is innocent. Maddie says they are not giving up.

Levi looks at the abandoned building at Sparrow Ridge.

Amelia blames herself. Maddie fills her in about the new theory and asks if Gabrielle remembers any accidents. Gabrielle says Debra was taking care of her quite a bit. Wait, there was a car accident 4 days before Amelia died. It is possible that's what killed Amelia.

Violet and Maddie go to see Debra. She says nothing happened to Amelia. They went to the doctor right after and he said everything was fine. Debra says she doesn't outsource child care. She insists Amelia didn't fall. She says this is a strong, loving family that loves and protects its children.

Meanwhile, Easy and Bodie go to a school library to talk to Clay's son, Declan.  He says he can't talk because he's at work. He says he's not close to his grandmother and wants nothing to do with that family, truly terrible people.

Bodie tells Easy about Castro raising Nathan. Easy tells him about separating from Irene.

Clay's ex-wife shows up. She had an NDA as part of her divorce settlement so she can't talk. Easy says he knows she has something to say. Maddie promises to keep her anonymous. She says Debra abused Clay. She beat him as a kid and thinks she hurt Declan. She sent Declan to boarding school because she thought Debra was abusing him. She thinks Debra might have hurt Amelia.

Clay is defensive and denies his mother abused Declan. Easy brings up the horseback riding accident and Declan disowning Clay. Maddie thinks reconciling with Declan is more important than protecting Debra. Clay says he didn't want to believe Debra hurt Declan. He won't believe Debra hurt Amelia. Easy says this has to stop now. Clay says he knew who would cover it up. They go to see some doctor who never reported Clay's abuse. He kicks them all out and Maddie says they will be using subpoenas and making records public. The guy calls someone.

Debra storms into the office and yells at Maddie. She threatens to sue them. Maddie says what are you afraid we'llfind? Debra says she won't be bullied.

Levi says he knows who all the girls are. They were all there that night. He also has the deed to Sparrow Ridge. Apparently there is a lot of Eastern religious symbolism in the house. Maddie thinks Rosemary was in a cult. All cults must have a leader. She thinks that's why Rosemary wanted them both to lose their virginity before college.

Maddie wants to talk to Linda. Levi says that's a dead end. He thinks of another girl, Sara, for them to talk to.

Sara says this guy Robbie made her think sex was the path to enlightenment. She felt unworthy before she met him. Rosemary was the first to join. She had a violent side. That pissed off Heather, who was no longer the star. She ends the conversation when Levi asks if she thinks Heather killed Rosemary.

Bellows' backer comes to see him. He wants to know what's being done with his money. Bellows says the money went to the campaign, kind of, because he used it to try to find evidence against Maddie. He found a lantern that he thinks is the murder weapon. Now he just needs to connect it to Madeline. 

Meanwhile the team is looking at records. Declan had a flu shot the Saturday before Amelia died, so he wasn't at boarding school that week. Why did Debra lie about that? Declan says he can't talk about this. Easy says abuse is cyclical. Declan says he thinks he killed Amelia.

Declan testifies. He got irritated when Amelia wouldn't stop crying. He kicked the high chair and it slid across the room, causing Amelia to hit her head. Debra said it wasn't his fault, it was Gabrielle's. He says his grandmother twisted his arm so hard she broke it because he talked back.  He says he's so sorry, he didn't know. Gabrielle is set free. She says she wants to address Debra directly. The only reason she isn't issuing a warrant against Debra is the statute of limitations.

Gabrielle tells Declan she doesn't blame him.

Bodie tells Castro after working on this case he wants to be a good role model for Nathan. He wants to be with her. Nathan thinks the kiss is gross.

Heather tells Bellows she donated to his campaign. He says he has been reviewing Rosemary's case. HEather says she has never seen the lantern before. Meanwhile, Madeline talks on the air about her case and Gabrielle's. 

Heather says she saw Madeline with that lantern.. Madeline is arrested.



Proven Innocent
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Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

You convince a jury the defendant was a bad mother, the prosecution can pretty much paper over any lack of physical evidence.


Bellows: Madeline Scott is guilty. I will go to my grave believing that.
Mrs. Bellows: And your grave might be a prison cell.