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Maddie is laughing with some guy at a bar. She is tipsy and thinks they should do a selfie. She wants a picture with his scar. She serves him a subpeona. He hits her and runs. She tells Bodie to go after him and chases him on foot. Maddie cuts herself on a fence and Bodie makes her go home.

The podcast explains the story of the week. A woman has been convicted of the murder of a man she never met.

Maddie has a flashback when Easy says he wants to go over the story again. Tamara says she slashed a man who tried to rape her, not this guy, she had been raped as a child and wasn't gonna let it happen again. Madeline says she believes her.

Bellows is listening to Maddie on a news show while he gets ready for work.

Tamara's public defender is questioned on the stand and says they didn't have resources, didn't believe Tamara, etc. She demands a new trial. The judge wants to hear from Jeff Scatton, the person Tamara slashed.

Heather feels a need to talk to the press about how Levi is a killer.

Levi does not show up for his case and the judge issues a bench warrant. Heather is smirking. Maddie's parents look sad.

Levi is sitting on the steps of a house taking a bunch of pills.

Easy gets an evidence box from a woman named Tracy and points out the seal is broken. Tracy opens the box and the evidence is gone. Maddie is sure it has been destroyed.

At home Easy's daughter is not happy that her friend's mom is picking her up tomorrow. Easy doesn't know what's going on. He doesn't trust this family. His wife thinks he's never home. He wants to meet this family.

The guy from the first scene walks in to a travel agency, where Bodie is pretending to be a travel agent giving him tickets but really giving him a subpoena. Jeff tries to throw it away but Bodie warns him that he will be hunted down by bounty hunters.

Bellows interviews a Northwestern graduate who admires him. He says criminal law is painful but is impressed with her. They hug and his wife is watching.

Tamara can't seem to stay quiet while Jeff denies raping her. Anyway the judge doesn't think this proves she didn't kill the other guy.  He denies the motion for a new trial. Maddie tells Tamara they are just getting started. She and Easy agree they need to find the real killer.

Maddie goes to a homeless encampment, where she finds an out-of-it Levi. She tells him about the warrant. She said he promised to reach out instead of using. He says he wasn't supposed to tell her about Rosemary. They were together a few months. They didn't say anything because they knew it was wrong. He was upset to see her kissing someone else that night. He insists he didn't kill her. Maddie doesn't know what to think. She tells him she'll take care of the warrant but he'd better be in court next week.

Bellows goes to a meeting where a campaign person says that every time Maddie goes on TV his numbers go down. Bellows doesn't want to make his campaign about Maddie. He doesn't want to go negative. His wife tells him privately to get a pair, fire Isabel, and go negative on Maddie.

Maddie looks at photos and remmebers the night Rosemary died. Her mom comes in and says this won't help anything and is hurting Levi. Doesn't she know how hard the trial was on her parents? Maddie is not dropping the case. Maddie has a flashback of her mom telling her not to go to the funeral because no one wants her there. She says she didn't get to say goodbye.

Madie talks to a cop about Tamra's case, but he says Tamara was his only suspect. Maddie ralizes a third detective was left off the list. They talk to him. He says the victim had a girlfriend who he was beating up.

Celeste is now a used car saleswoman. Celeste denies knowing who Tim is. She looks nervously at some guy in the back before talking to them. They tell her about Tamara. She says she was in Florida because her mom was sick. Tim was a bad guy and no one would listen to her about him beating her. She says she can't help them and goes. Maddie says she his hiding something.

Bellows makes a new speech. He talks about a guy named Dmitri Wright who was acquitted and a month later killed a single mother. He tearfully talks about how responsible he feels for it. He says that the little girl whose mother died is Isabel who is now working for him and is a reminder of why he does what he does. His wife looks upset.

Maddie has another flashback of the party.

Easy says Celeste is clean. Maddie asks if she and Levi could be tried separately if they were retried. Easy isn't upset that Levi was lying. He says he's only Maddie's lawyer, not Levi's. He doesn't think Levi is necessarily the killer. It's 8 PM. Maddie is supposed to have a date and Easy is supposed to go home. Violet won't let Maddie cancel her date.

Maddie meets the reporter guy and apologizes for being late. Reporter says he once was late because he was held hostage. He ordered wine and Maddie wants seltzer. The waiter tries to talk her out of that. She says last time she drank she was convicted of murder. She eventually goes to the bathroom instead.

Easy's wife is mad and says he should be representing black people since so many of them are in jail,  not Madeline who is white. He says he's not in love with Maddie. He says he has a chance that not many black lawyers have. His wife says she wants to be part of his life again and he needs to see someone because this is not working.

Maddie comes back and says that was a terrible date, but he wants a second date. Violet wants to live vicariously through her. Anyway she found something about Celeste -- she's an escort who is into bondage. Tim was her pimp under her other name. 

Brodie is taking photos of a bunch of hookers and the cops make him move. Later he tells the team that the car lot is a front for a brothel. Celese is married to her pimp, who is the owner of the shop. Maddie thinks maybe David killed Tim and took over his business. She's seen this in prison. Easy doesn't know. Violet asks what the approach is and no one says anything.

Maddie approaches CEleste and calls her Sandy. Celeste threatens to beat her up. Maddie threatens her back and says if she gives her and Tamara a few minutes she'll never bother her again

Celeste goes to see Tamara. She didn't know anyone was arrested. She was just relieved Tim was gone. Maddie gets Tamara to talk. She says she ran away from home when she was 16 and she met Tim. He put down money on an apartment and said she had to prostitute herself to pay him back. David killed Tim for her but she doesn't want to testify because David knows bad people who could kill her. She runs away. Tamara says that's how she thought it would go. Maddie says we know what happened, we have a way in.

Easy and Maddie go to see Chad and they tell him that Easy is her pimp who killed Tim. Chad freaks out. They tell him that David is pinning it on him. He denies killing Tim. They tell him to testify. He says okay and says David killed Tim and he just stopped him from getting away. The cops burst in and arrest Chad.

Tamara's conviction is vacated. State is not going to try to re-prosecute.

Tamara makes a statement to the press that she is thankful someone believed her.

After a podcast summary of how women are not believed, Maddie goes to Rosemary's grave. She says she stopped looking for her killer, she couldn't think about it anymore. But now it's all she thinks about.She promises no matter who it is, she will find them.


Proven Innocent
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Proven Innocent Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

When I was 12, my mom married a man who raped me every night. After she divorced him I swore I'd never let anyone do it again.


Man: So what are you doing in here? Looking for your Prince Charming?
Maddie: Hell no. I'm here to serve you a subpoena in the Tamara Fulson case.