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This installment had the boys returning to Canada at Pierre Despereaux’s behest, only to lure Shawn and Gus into what becomes a race to prove him innocent of the murder of a Crown attorney.

The episode began with Shawn and Gus discussing their recent invitation from Despereaux, whom they’d previously put in jail.  No matter how much Gus cautions against it, he loses to Shawn’s insistence.

They don’t make it to Canada, however, without revisiting some of the issues leftover from the summer finale with regards to Shawn and Juliet’s relationship. While on a quick run to his father’s house for luggage, Shawn gets some advice from Henry about telling Juliet how he feels at the risk of losing her forever if he doesn’t. The talk prompts Shawn to stop by the station in order to prevent Juliet from leaving without hearing him out, only to find out from Buzz that she was already gone.

In Canada they meet with Despereaux in prison where Despereaux lets them in on the plan to escape, leaving Shawn and Gus to wonder 26 minutes later how he planned to do it. In true Psych fashion, Despeareaux ends up in the back seat, and, after taking over the car, leaves Shawn and Gus on a country road miles from civilization to navigate their way back.

They then proceed to visit their old friend MacIntosh at the RCMP, where he has been demoted as a result of his last encounter with Shawn and Gus. While MacIntosh repeatedly refuses to help them find Despereaux, who Shawn claims to have “sensed the escape” of, an announcement over the police radio states that art has been stolen, and they think they know who’s responsible.

At the scene they find the Crown attorney who sent Despereaux to prison dead, immediately causing them to suspect Despereaux.

Shawn, Gus and MacIntosh attempt make a trip to the correctional facility, only to find that Despeareaux is there as if he had never left. But, once he finds out he has been framed for the murder of the attorney, proceeds to hide in Shawn and Gus’s trunk and escape again in an attempt to nab the person who framed him with their help.

Lassiter appears in Canada, apparently in preparation for Despereaux’s extradition to the United States. Surprisingly, Juliet appears and it becomes apparent that she never went to the Amalfi Coast.
Plot twists ensue until we find out that Despereaux had been sleeping with the wife of a supposed mob boss, who was apparently executing revenge on him. The truth was, all the murders could be traced to the wife, Valaria, who was the actual mob boss. It seems Valaria was tying up “loose ends.”

The episode concludes with Shawn and Juliet finally having a moment to discuss what’s happened between them, and they resolve it with an unexpected make-out session.

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