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Shawn and Juliet head to Ohai for a lover’s retreat, where they meet a fun couple, aptly named Barbie and Clive, who end up robbing them blind. But when Shawn and Juliet attempt to track them down at a winery, a dead wine mogul cuts their vacation short as they attempt to track down the killer.

Back in Santa Barbara, a lonely Gus seeks solace in a grocery store where he unwittingly runs into Lassiter and Henry. They eventually end up enjoying a boy’s night which turns into a competition to see which of them can snag a lady. Henry wins, but get more than he bargained for.

When Gus realizes his credit card has been stolen, he calls Shawn, who tells him about the theft, prompting Gus, Lassiter and Henry to head to Ohai. The team effort finally nabs the bad guy and all is right again.

Unfortunately, Shawn’s intentions for the weekend (mainly proposing to Juliet) foiled, Gus happens upon the engagement ring meant for Juliet, only without the knowledge that Shawn and Juliet had come to an agreement that neither were ready for marriage.


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