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Carlton ends up at a bar where a mysterious and alluring woman, Marlowe, steals his heart. But when victims begin showing up all over Santa Barbara with wounds consistent with a vampire attack, that beautiful temptress starts looking like the prime suspect.  It’s up to Carlton, who has seemingly fallen deeply in love with her,  to both find out who she is and clear her good name, but not before some hilarious shenanigans by Shawn and Gus as they delve into the world of “night stalkers.”

In the end, it appears the attacks were the result of Marlowe and her brother attempting to procure a rare blood type to treat his Van Willibrands disease. While it appears Marlowe will be spending six to eighteen months in jail, Carlton, still helplessly smitten with Marlowe, agrees to wait for her until she gets out, promising to come back every Wednesday.

Kristy Swanson and Cory Feldman guest star.

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Psych Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Wow, you guys are actually devolving...get back over here, now!


J-Wow does wear those nails when they go out clubbing....