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Shawn and Juliet get invited to a mysterious gathering at the Bella Rosa mansion. But when Juliet can’t make it because of work, Shawn and Gus attend the event, only to find out their host is rock legend Billy Lips, who was put away for the murder of a groupie five years back. But when bodies start dropping and/or disappearing at the party, it’s up to Shawn to suss out the culprit before they become victims too. Additionally, fans on both coasts got to choose their own ending in a live vote.

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Psych Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Lassiter: As of 2100 hours we are on a phase 4 lockdown!
Billy: Phase 4? What happened to the other three phases you cheap bastard?!

Lassiter: You know what happens in prison when you cry Harvard? A bunch of inmates go to the library and check out a bunch of books you've probably read before and beat you until you forget you ever went to...care to guess?
Martin: Harvard...
Lassiter: You really are smart.