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Rusty visits his uncle at the pool hall, and talks about pulling a coup on his father. Tommy warns him that Richie Kane is talking about finding Mr. O's killer and taking over the west side.

Muldoon takes a meeting with a hotel/restaurant manager who complains about a bookie, Steady Freddy,  harassing his customers. 

Suzy's friend Theresa tells her boyfriend Billy about what Suzy saw. Billy works for Smitty, and initially wants to flee to Miami with Theresa, but she talks him into staying and helping his crew.

Steady Freddy shows up at the hotel, and Muldoon surprises him in the lobby. 

Barbara questions Deirdre about Sean.

Muldoon lays down the law for Freddy, and lets him off the hook in exchange for information about Mr. O's murder.

Billy passes along Theresa's information to Smitty. Smitty advises that Billy keep this information quiet, and to not tell his cousin, Richie Kane.

Vince gets an update about the poker game bust from Muldoon. Johansen doesn't trust Tadesco, and isn't happy about Latucci's relationship with him. Latucci has a problem putting the pressure on Tadesco because of his relationship with his neice.

Billy ignores Smitty and fills Richie in on what Suzy saw. Richie is suspicious that Billy told Smitty first and that Smitty advised Billy to keep it on the down low. Richie wants to head to Patton's immediately and take Rusty out. Billy hesitates to help, and Theresa volunteers to drive instead. Richie doesn't react well to Billy's hesitation. After Billy leaves, Hopkins suggests that they go to Smitty for backup, but Richie is bullheaded.

Deirdre and Sean reminisce, and she questions him on why he became a cop.

Smitty is ready when Richie show up. Richie questions his loyalty to Mr. O and his ambition, and Smitty reiterates his position of just wanting to get along and make money. Richie threatens to come after Smitty after he has handled Rusty.

Latucci and Muldoon make plans to go out with their wives. 

Deirdre shoots down Sean's fantasies of domesticating her--she plans on pursuing journalism.

A cab driver expresses his guilt to one of the men who disposed of Mr. O's body.

Christine is not thrilled with Muldoon's dinner plans. 

Lt. King announces a new initiative to suppress prostitution in certain neighborhoods.

Shea questions Sean about Muldoon's role in the division.

Theresa is displeased that Billy is leaving town, and advocates for revenge against Rusty. 

The cab driver, O'Reilly, meets with Rusty, who threatens him.

Latucci's wife, Celeste, is appalled that the Muldoon's are still living in a one bedroom in Hell's Kitchen. Celeste almost lets slip about the graft that the PMD cops take home, but Latucci stops her. 

Sean takes Shea to pick up prostitutes at a theatre -- not where Lt. King sent them. They get into a conversation about Shea's commitment and his acceptance into the PMD. 

Hopkins tells Kane that he's found two of the men that killed Mr. O, but tries to put Kane off going after them then and there since he has a card game to run. Kane seems to comply.

At dinner, Muldoon and Latucci have a side conversation about Mr. O's case while Christine suffers Celeste's company. Celeste and Latucci have a marital spat at the table that gets out of hand and picks at old wounds.

Muldoon is not happy that Celeste knows about the graft at PMD. 

Sean leave Shea alone at the car while he goes to pick up some prostitutes. He knows them, and they decide which two he'll take in. The hookers treat the whole thing like a party.

On the walk home, Christine questions Muldoon about Celeste's comments. 

Richie pays a visit to Theresa, looking for Billy. She pulls him in for a kiss, and they go at it.

Muldoon takes Christine in for a drink at the hotel where he helped the manager. He got a suite for the evening for the two of them. 

The hookers hassle Sean about his new love interest, and tease Shea for being uptight. 

Theresa tries to elicit a commitment from Richie.

Bullman and Petey Mac ask Sean about Shea. Bullman advises the younger two men to watch themselves around him. 

Christine tries to figure out why the hotel manager would give them the room, and Muldoon claims that all he ever receives is favors and barter as the perks of his job. 

Richie Kane goes to the pool hall, where O'Reilly and the other hit man are drinking. After some banter, Kane pulls a knife and cuts the two men up. He takes a shot and tells the barman to warn Rusty that he's coming for him before heading out. 


Public Morals
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Public Morals Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Richie Kane: You know it was Rusty, and you want to do nothing?
Smitty: I don't care who did it. There's nothing to be gained by doing anything.
Richie Kane: It ain't a matter of what's to be gained. It's a matter of respect.

Typical Irish solution. Better not to talk about it, sweep it under the rug, then fester and have it kill ya.

Hotel Manager