Anna Is Struggling - Pure
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New Nortena Cartel boss Hector Estrada frees Eli Voss's twin nephews from a Mexican prison transport, to act as his Mennonite consultants. Anna, Tina and Isaak bring goods to a Mennonite farmers' market. But another couple has taken over their table. Bronco's old partner Jay has been unofficially looking for Noah for Anna, without much success. Valerie punches her son's condescending hockey coach. Anna meets Augustus Nickel, the owner of a farm-equipment business who is a reformed Mennonite. Valerie's captain dresses her down for punching the coach. Anna presses the bishop to let her make her case for reinstatement. Jay tracks down Noah. Noah asks Jay not to tell Anna he found Noah, so that she can start a new path. Jay finds a dead drug dealer in a hot tub. Then he and Valerie hold guns on each other. Afterward Jay confronts the dealer's lawyer. At a shelter, Noah reunites with his brother Abel, who he thought was dead in a Mexican desert. Abel says God gave him a mission: to save Noah. Valerie convinces the lead detective to let her dig further into the dealer. She finds a furniture company which may be laundering money for the cartel. Anna and the children get an icy reception from the colony. Anna makes her case to be reinstated, but the elders refuse. The bishop works out a deal that Tina and Isaac can attend Bible classes as a pathway back to the colony. Jay is killed by the cartel. Valerie rifles through Jay's office. Anna puts away her cap. Estrada makes an offer to Anna: he will take one of her children as collaterol and she will run the local drug distribution for him, getting the child back when she's done. Or he will kill both. She gives up Isaak.  

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Pure Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Valerie: What is this style?
Julius: Wood?

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You have no friends.

Estrada [to Anna]