Crucial Ride - Pure Season 2 Episode 5
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With Noah reappearing, Anna asks to think about Augustus's marriage proposal. Noah confronts her about their marriage. Noah convinces Valerie to let him attempt to get the real boss talking on a wire. Johan asks Anna for Tina's hand in marriage. Isaak buys Bronco's old car. Noah tells Eva about Julius and Kyle's deaths. He admits he's working for the police to protect his family. Valerie's husband is getting full custody of Ricky.Estrada wants Anna's signature for a passport. Isaak beats Javier when Javier won't speak to him, to Estrada's amusement. Abel tries to show Noah the flaws in his plan. In the trunk of the cash-drop car, Isaak leaves Noah a note telling him to run. At a meeting with Johan's parents, Augustus comes in and drops the bomb that he and Anna are to be married, to smooth the waters. He also offers equipment at "family prices." Noah steals a bike to trail the bike courier who picked up the money bag but loses him. Then the courier jumps him, but Noah gets the upper hand. He completes the delivery to Esther Dunkel, housemate of lawyer Sterling McKay, who is laundering money for the cartel. He reports the different courier, Klaas Klausen, to Estrada. Eva leaves. Isaak drives up in Bronco's Mustang, coldly tells Anna to get Noah to leave town, then bolts. Anna finds out Isaak is working for Estrada now. Justina plants doubt in Tina. Augustus has a heart-to-heart talk with Noah. Tina confronts Anna about the sudden influx of cash around her and Anna said it's from Augustus. Abel asks Valerie why Julius's building has never been sold. Noah finds files strewn around McKay's house, then sees McKay hanging there. The records point to Anna as the boss. Anna gets arrested in front of Augustus. 

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Pure Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Besides, right now I am all you have.

Noah [to Valerie]

Noah: What about God? You took your vows before God.
Anna: God has been very quiet on the subject.