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We had a different sort of Pushing Daisies episode this week. The crime Ned had to solve? It was his own! Cue suspenseful music...

Before we get to that, it's worth mentioning that Alfredo appeared in this episode again. He expressed his love for Olive, but she was still so focused on Ned that she barely even listened to his heartfelt admission of feelings. In the end, though, it seemed as though she regretted that fact.

Now, on to the main story: A brother and sister tandem, Dilly and Billy, opened a candy store across the street from The Pie Hole. Dilly proved to be extremely competitive, too, sending in the health inspector to close down Ned and company for a bit. While Ned was content to sit back and wait for the rivalry to pass, Olive and Chuck went on the offensive.

They unleashed a slew of rats inside the candy store. But Ned soon found out and went inside to collect them all. As he did so, the Pie Maker made an unpleasant discovery: Billy was dead inside a vat of taffy. At that moment, the police came in and hauled Ned off the jail.

Emerson and Chuck were therefore forced into action in order to free Ned, but were without his awakening-the-deceased abilities, of course. Still, they made for a good pair and - eventually - figured out that the aforementioned health inspector was actually the culprit. He had been blackmailing Billy and Dilly and had killed the former during an argument.

With Ned safely back home, everything seemed okay... until he and Chuck were about to go to sleep and the guilt crept in. He said to his girlfriend, "I killed your father" and the episode ended.

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I have no doubt you could make mince meat of us. If you wanted more mince meat.


Chuck, I killed your father.