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Tonight, on Pushing Daisies...

The facts are centered around the protege of an olofactory expert named Napolean. Her name is Anita and she is killed by a scratch and sniff section of a new book ("The Smell of Success") her mentor was about to publish. As Chuck, Emerson and Ned investigate, they learn tha Anita was actually reading the early edition of a tome Napolean was trying to keep away from others for the time being.

They'd soon discover why.

After their conversation with the recently deceased Anita, our crime-fighting trio figures someone was actually trying to kill Napolean. They speak with him. They even vouch for him during a televised interview. And they also believe Napolean when he claims his rival, Oscar, is the one out to kill him.

Turns out Oscar and Napolean had a disagreement years ago over the best types of smells years ago when they were partners. Oscar prefers the smells of "real life," such as the trash and the sewer.

As the investigation continues, however, we learn that Napolean actually staged his own death for publicity purposes. Chuck, Ned and Emerson eventually put him behind bars - but not before Oscar (who had been helpful in fingering his former partner) finds an old sweater of Chuck. The episode ends with him dangerously taking a whiff of it. Might he become obsessed with the smell of this recently deceased beauty?

Also in this hour, the aunts - aided by Olive - rekindle their love for the water. They synchronize swim together once more.

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Pushing Daisies Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Olive: (watching TV) Look there's the killer.
(Oscar walks into The Pie Hole)
Chuck: Look, there's the killer.
Olive: Oh, lord.

I think it's brave to try to be happy.