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Flash forward three months and it's now time for Alex and her fellow agents to testify about the bombings and Elias Harper's participation. Everyone believes that Elias was acting alone, and so it's up to Alex to find proof that no one seems to want to believe. 

Once again, everyone has turned against her. Shelby hates Alex for revealing that she had an affair with the late Clayton Haas - that's right, Clayton died in the bombing. Everyone else just hates Alex for dragging out this hearing. They pressure her into changing her opinion and saying that Elias acted alone. Once she does just that, they still hate her. 

To make things even better, after Alex changed her vote, the terrorist calls her and tells her that she was right. This crackly voice is the person who forced Elias to help frame Alex and plant bombs. Now, the terrorist has chosen Alex as his/her latest pawn. She will have to carry out every order or else Natalie will die.

Back at Quantico, the NATs have to go against their toughest competitors yet - the trainees in the class ahead of them. It's time for Color Wars. The winning class gets to pick any five trainees from the losing class to go home. 

Our NATs learn that criminals, and the upper class, don't play fair. We lose, but instead of five people going home, only three do. The other two people get sent home from the upper class. 

Oh, and did I mention that now the two classes have merged to become one? That's right, enemies will now have to work and sleep side by side. Things are going to get interesting.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Being followed around by your ex every day gets old fast.


I believe that Elias Harper did not act alone.