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Back at Quantico, the trainees have a new training exercise. They have to sort through evidence and sort out the bad intel from the good. They have to thwart a terrorist attack from happening. Once they figure out the terrorist plots, the next step is to prioritize which one is the most imminent threat.

There are new things brewing at Quantico. Natalie Vazquez is another trainee who has it out for Alex.  Liam and Miranda know about Nimah's twin secret. Miranda tells Reyna, one of the twins, that she is the first experiment, so she shouldn't mess this up. Also, analyst trainees have joined the agents. Caleb is among them, along with a guy named Elias who has his eyes on Simon.

After the terrorist attack 9 months in the future, Alex is on the run trying to find a needle in the haystack. She is focuses on trying to learn who went into her apartment after she left. There's also the juicy little tidbit that Liam is in love with Alex, and she rejected him.

When Alex returns back to her apartment to grab some clothes and supplies, Natalie busts in. During Alex's escape, she realizes that someone took down a wall to create a secret entrance into her bathroom from the building next door. There's nothing in the room in the building next to hers except for packages addressed to Alex.

SImon is hiding something, and Elias is determined to figure out what. His glasses are fake, and he isn't being honest about how he got into Gaza. But he's not the only one keeping secrets. Shelby is getting mysterious phone calls that aren't in English. Caleb seems to have a social media account with his picture, but it's not under Caleb.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

How are you guys not exhausted? It's like we have the Olympics in the morning, and then we have to pass the BAR every afternoon.


Shelby: You've got a shadow.
Alex: All day every day.
Nimah: It's because you are the best.
Natalie: Second best.