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Hannah's now fully committed to the operation to take down The Voice (aka what Simon and Alex call the terrorist). Hannah definitely has an interesting way of helping. She takes control and makes a couple blunders along the way.

The Voice wants Alex to put something under a seat at the theater where Senator Haas is speaking. Simon figures out it is a component chip that can knock out the power. Alex and Hannah think that The Voice is going to assassinate Senator Haas during the blackout, so Hannah discharges her weapon to draw attention and chaos. It ends with Hannah being suspended.

Simon and Alex figure out that The Voice wasn't interested in killing Senator Haas. During the blackout, something was stolen from Colombia's vaults that are located under the theater. Now, they have a lead. The Voice calls Alex to let her know that her final mission is coming up, and then Alex will be done.

At Quantico, an Emergency Review Board is called to assess everyone after the terrorist attacks. The only people really on the chopping block are Raina and Miranda. Nimah encourages Raina to tell the truth that it was an operation that Miranda set up, but Raina doesn't want to turn on Miranda. Thankfully, Miranda comes clean all on her own. She takes a leave from being the NATs teacher. Who does Liam ask to fill in? Why Ryan Booth, of course.

The task of the week is to crisis management. The team has to stop terrorist from taking down a flight, except it was a lose lose situation. The NATs needed to realize that not every situation can be won.

For Shelby, this scenario hit a little too close to home. She spent the mission not really processing the fact that her parents are alive. Shelby finally breaks down to Alex. She suggests that Shelby start investigating why her parents faked her death.

Caleb tells Will that he created Mark Raymond to rescue his friend from Systemics, the cult that Caleb was once a part of. When Caleb learns that there's a change in leadership at the church and the new leader knows who Caleb is, he's afraid that the op is blown. Lucky for him, Will is really good at acting and volunteers to help. In suspicious news, Caleb updates his dad on the situation.

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