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Alex decides that it is time to tell her story to let the people see that she isn't a terrorist. She reaches out to the dark net, and gets in contact with hackers known as The Unknown. 

At Quantico, the task of the week is creating an undercover persona. Once they spend the afternoon getting into the skin of their new persona, they are forced to switch with someone else before the mission starts.

The Unknown knows all about Alex's missing year in India. It turns out, she hung out with a crowd that most people who label as terrorists. Alex manages to pass their test, and she gets her message out to the masses.

During their undercover photo op, things heat up for a couple of people. Shelby and Caleb get it on, and sparks fly between Ryan and Alex. Oh, and Simon invited his not BF Max to the shindig, and Elias is all over him with questions.

Elias tells Simon that he will make sure he never sets foot in Quantico again. However, Simon tells Elias that lying about who he is is the only way he can cope with the terrible things he's done. Elias believes him and keeps quiet.

Miranda tells Ryan to lay off of Liam. It turns out there's a good reason why Liam has wanted Alex kicked out of Quantico.

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