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At Quantico, everyone gets off for New Years, but of course they get an assignment. Miranda and Liam hand out Pending Inactive cases aka cold cases. Surprisingly, not everyone chooses to leave Quantico. Shelby, Nimah, Alex, and Natalie stay behind. They team up on drinking, girl talk, and the girls (minus Nimah) swing an invite to the Haas soiree. 

Elias stumbled into the FBI all bloody, and he said someone tried to push him into traffic. This causes Natalie, Nimah, and Alex to check up on all the trainees, and that's when they learn Simon is missing. His house has blueprints and a photos of a hotel room key. The Democractic National Convention is happening at a hotel, and that's where they find Simon with a detonator taped to his hands.

Things are never quite what they seem. Turns out, Elias is framing Simon for the bomb because the real terrorist is blacking Elias. He helped frame Alex because the terrorist had proof that Elias forged evidence. Elias falls out of a window instead of facing what he's done.

Everyone in the Democratic convention, including Caleb's mother Claire, are evacuated to the FBI command post. Bomb squad manages to defuse the bomb in the last second, allowing Simon to take his finger off the trigger. Shortly afterwards, a bomb goes off, a bomb that was planted in the command center.

Mark Raymond, aka Caleb's secret alter ego, is shown visiting the bank where the Command Center will be set up in the future. He asks to see the four biggest safety deposit boxes the bank has, and then he comments on how close the bank is to Grand Central.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Whatever the FBI is doing, it's not enough.


You ever want to push a button and make it all go away? Everyone you've ever loved and lost. Everything that ever hurt you. Just one button. No more fighting, no more regrets, no more noise. Blow it all up and see what happens.