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All the NATS are giving a solo assignment, but of course, nothing is what it seems at Quantico. All their cases are connected, and once they figure that out, the NATS go to the FBI to brief real agents. The next step in their case is to stop this real life scenario. The FBI was able to thwart it when it actually happened, and now this scenario is being used as a test.

On the run, Alex and Ryan meet up with the Unknown. There was a leak of all the files the FBI had on the bombing at Grand Central, and instead of using the leak as a distraction and running, Alex wants to dig through their evidence. Alex learns that there is a second bomb.

Caleb proves his worth by finding something that could exonerate Alex. More importantly, he recognizes that his father is a jerk, and he cares only about protecting himself. Caleb found an email from his dad's assistant saying that someone used Alex's badge to get in. 

A lot of mysteries were revealed. Liam and Michael, Alex's dad, missed all the signs when they were undercover with a militia. They missed that the militia was going to set off a bomb, and as a result, 204 people died. Shelby was wiring money to her half-sister in Saudi Arabia. Caleb was a part of a cult when he was 17.

The Unknown tells Alex that the best next move for her would be to get out of the country. She reluctantly agrees, but it was all a show. She secures Ryan in the helicopter, but she doesn't join him. Instead, she turns herself in.

Back at Quantico, Alex visits Miranda at her house to find out whether or not Liam told her the truth. While she's there, Miranda is attacked.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

After graduation, we may all never be in the same room again. How weird is that?


Guys, we are the hunters and they are the prey.