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The new recruits for the FBI come from all walks of life, and they all have secrets to hide. Too bad their first task involves them having to uncover each other's secrets. Some people relish the chance to figure out someone else's dirty secrets while others worry about what they are hiding. 

Shelby's secret is that her parents died in 9/11. Simon's is that even though he's a devout Jew, he spent four months living in Gaza among the Palestinians. Alex's is that her mom killed her father, but she later confesses to Liam that she killed her father.

Caleb never found out Eric's secret, but pretending that he did gets Eric to spill. Eric was responsible for a young girl's death, and out of fear that the Caleb found out, Eric kills himself.

Still, Caleb ends up going home. It is probably for the best considering he failed every test.

It turns out that Alex's dad was an agent with the FBI, but it doesn't make sense considering Alex's memory of her dad. Alex asks Liam to look into her dad for her.

Ryan's secret doesn't come out in the polygraph. It turns out that Ryan's on assignment for Liam. He is undercover at the academy with a mission of getting close to Alex.

Sometime in the future, Alex wakes up surrounded by rubble. A terrorist attack ended with grand central destroyed, and Alex is being framed. With help from Miranda, Alex is on the run.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Alex: You're not my type.
Ryan: Said to the man you just had sex with.

The last night of freedom for us both.