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On Quantico Season 1 Episode 22, we start off with a flashback, watching Liam get intel on all the trainees. There were cameras, bugs, and Liam stalked people. 

In the present, Liam joins our favorite agents in their manhunt to find Miranda aka the terrorist. Pretty quickly, Alex and company figure out that Miranda isn't actually the terrorist. Ryan finds evidence that Miranda's place was under surveillance, and Shelby and Simon discover that Miranda's schedule doesn't match up with calls from The Voice.

Liam told Alex that Miranda wants to cut the FBI off at the head to regrow it in her image, and Alex figures out that Liam was actually divulging his reasons. After a discussion with Liam's daughter Louisa, Alex finds out that Liam is headed to DC - to Quantico.

It's graduation at Quantico, and Liam plans to blow it all up. While searching for the bomb, Alex and Raina find Miranda and Ryan tied up in a dorm room. Ryan and Alex confront and kill Liam, but there's still that nuclear bomb to deal with.

Simon slips away with the bomb while everyone argues how to best diffuse it. He drives off a bridge with it in order to make sure the bomb doesn't kill anyone but himself.

At Simon's funeral, Alex confronts Claire about her suspicions that she was involved with Liam. Claire denies everything, of course, but Alex and Caleb make it clear that they will be watching her.

Alex is no longer FBI, but she does get a job offer from Matthew Keys from the CIA. Will she take it?

At Quantico, it's finally graduation. The NATs are so close to being agents, but before that time can come, we have to have some drama. Alex and Ryan decided to take a trip together before starting work - Ryan in DC and Alex in New York. But wait! Ryan decided to go to Texas instead, and he didn't tell Alex about it. 

Then, Shelby was still determined to make sure that Caleb couldn't hurt anyone. When she found out that Caleb getting a desk job meant a corner office, she told Claire the truth about her son's behavior. This guaranteed that Caleb's "office" would be nowhere special.

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Quantico Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Her entire career the FBI held her down.


Miranda: Why didn't you kill me?
Liam: I thought you'd enjoy watching it all burn down to the ground with me. Are you ready?