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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 6, Raina returns to the hostages after the hostage exchange went sideways. She meets up with basically all of the recruits from the Farm (minus Ryan and Alex), and they begin to brainstorm as to why they were not freed with the rest of the hostages. This leads them to discussing where they have been in the last year.

A terrorist hidden among them grabs Lee after she mentions a place she flew into. Lee returns later stating that the terrorists asked her a bunch of questions, and then her collar is activated, and she dies. Diana visited the same place Lee did, so she is taken, as is Raina. But wait! It's actually Nimah, who went undercover as Raina to try to get intel out of the hostages. That's right. Nimah is AIC.

Lydia informs Alex that the terrorists are after computer drives that contain decades of surveillance intelligence. She convinces Alex that she is a victim, and that they need to destroy the drives so the AIC can't use them. Once they locate the drives, Lydia changes her tune.

She's still CIA, and her mission is to retrieve the drives and keep them safe. Alex, naturally, opposes this. Unfortunately for Alex, Lydia kicks her ass, and then alerts all the terrorists to Alex's location by setting off an alarm. Lydia's a peach, isn't she?

Back at the Farm, the lesson of the week involves making the decision to kill someone via drone strike. For Alex and Ryan, the more pressing mission involves getting Harry off their back. He gave them until the end of the week to clear it with their superiors to read him in on their mission, and time is running out. 

Ryan attempts to craft a cover story that connects to Harry on an emotional level, but Harry sees right through it. In the end, Harry tells Ryan that he will not stand in the way of another officer's mission, but he won't stop digging.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Shelby: Is anyone keeping a weird schedule, sneaking off, doing their own thing?
Alex: You mean like us?

She is too busy internet parenting to be plotting against America.