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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 20, Alex and Owen continue their mission at infiltrating the collaborators. Alex has a seat at the table, but she still has to prove her worth. She is tasked with getting the intelligence community (CIA and FBI) to be ready for Roarke's plan for America.

This means doing things that go against every fiber of her being. First up, the CIA. Alex blackmails Matthew Keyes with the goal being resignation. She does it, but she feels awful about it.

At the bunker, the remaining task force members work on trying to discredit Roarke, but they all have a secret agenda. Ryan only cares about tracking down Alex, so as soon as he gets a location on her, he's out the door.

Raina tells the task force about how Felix is helping her find out information on Nimah. Clay and Shelby devise a plan to take down Felix in order to take down Roarke. The issue is that it involves manipulating Raina.

Alex's next mission is to convince the FBI that they have failed, but while giving her speech, Alex realizes that Alice (one of the collaborators) might have used her to sneak something into the building. While going through security, Alex has to dispose of a water bottle she didn't even know she had, and sure enough, it's the same brand of water that the FBI gives out.

Owen urges Alex to let the collaborator's mission happen, but she runs into Ryan, who wants Alex to pull the fire alarm and get everyone out. In the end, Alex listens to Ryan. Six FBI agents, including the one who was in charge of investigating President Haas, were poisoned.

The fear that the collaborators will kill for the White House prompts Claire to resign, but before she does, she urges Alex to keep fighting.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

You know when I talk to Alex, she's a lot less judgmental.


Claire Haas: Polls only exist so the media has something to talk about. They're not real.
Clay: You're quoting me to me?