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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 5, Owen teaches the recruits about the art of illusion. As CIA operatives, they will have to manipulate a room, making it look like they were never there. They will also have to do things such as alter time and method of death.

The latest mission ends up with Alex, Ryan, and Harry in a room with a dead body. They have 13 minutes to make it look like they were never there, which is hard enough without adding the fact that the room is under Alex's alias. It doesn't help that Owen is onto Alex and Ryan, and he won't do anything to help unless he gets answers.

Unfortunately for Harry, Alex and Ryan are very good of taking care of a problem. While Harry believes he is off to save Ryan and Alex's asses, they frame him for the murder of the unidentified dead body. Bye, bye, Harry!

Not quite because Harry shows up at the Farm later. It turns out, he's MI-6 training with the CIA as part of a pilot program, and he is still waiting on answers from Alex and Ryan. Alex tells him that they are CIA and FBI, but they need to talk to their supervisors before divulging any more information.

In the future, Miranda asks Shelby to bring Will to her apartment because they need to know why the AIC wanted Eric. Shelby brings Will up to speed on Miranda being a part of the AIC, and Will convinces Shelby not to believe Eric. Then, Will calls Miranda on her terrorist phone and tells her that he knows what she is up to, and he's in.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I don't think he was going to give me a Columbian neck tie in between sips of his Kale Apple Ginger.


Harry: You are very sexy, do you know that?
Will: I know a lot of things, except for where you go, your last name, why you squint when you wear glasses, why we only meet here.
Harry: Do you always ask so many questions of everyone you date?
Will: No, I don't date.