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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 2, the CIA recruits are learning the importance of yoga and SDRs - Surveillance Designated Routes. This week's lesson is all about figuring out when you're being followed and spotting all the key players (4 eyes and a trigger).

After a couple of practice runs, class lets out for the day, but nothing is quite as it seems at the CIA. Alex quickly figures out that she and Harry are being followed, but what she doesn't guess is that Harry is the trigger. So close, Alex, so close.

Alex and Ryan are still trying to do the undercover lovers act, but Miranda tells them that soon they will each have their own handler and that they need to start looking out for themselves and not each other. Alex's handler is Shelby, and Ryan's handler is Nimah.

In the future, Ryan and Nimah figure out that the terrorists are cycling out hostages. Raina thinks they are doing that because they are also cycling out terrorists. This means that there's terrorists among them in plain clothes.

Alex finds an ally. A wounded cop by the name of Carl manages to lead Alex to an underground NYPD bunker, so she can call her friends at the FBI for help. It's too bad Alex chooses to call Miranda, who is one of the terrorists.

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