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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 14, the AIC task force is finally called into action. President Haas alerts them to a cargo plane going down, and the team has to figure out who benefits from the crash. It should be easy enough for our crack team of FBI and CIA agents, right?

Wrong. No one can stop bickering long enough to really work on the issue at hand. Alex and Ryan are fighting because they broke up. Shelby doesn't trust Nimah after learning that she was a part of the Citizen's Liberation Front. Oh, and then there's the fact that Clay(ton) Haas, Caleb's brother, is in charge of the task force. He's not that big of a Shelby fan, considering Shelby dated his brother and father. 

To make matters worse, Owen is let out of jail to help kick the task force into gear. It's too bad that he holds a grudge against Alex for putting him in the situation where he had to go to jail for his daughter. It's a tight ship, this task force.

The plan is to follow the money and see who profited from the selling stock before the stock plummeted after the crash. This leads the team to Gregory Investment Partners, but it turns out that the group is running a Ponzi scheme and not benefiting from terrorism. 

With a little help from Harry, Alex is able to figure out who really benefited from the crash, and while it looked like Clay might disband the group after their failure, the team lives to fight another day.

Meanwhile, Leon has a theory that someone is killing Farm recruits. He reaches out to Dayana and Alex for help, but when they run to Matthew Keyes with Leon's theory, Matthew says that everyone is alive. Leon believes that Matthew is in on it. Sure enough, after leaving the bar where Alex and Dayana said they couldn't help him, Leon is taken.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Alex: You know, you would think that a top secret task force like ours would have some perks - helicopter maybe.
Shelby: Well there are perks! We both get to work with our ex-boyfriends.

Alex: I forgot about the FBI's physical fitness requirements.
Shelby: [laughs] You may have gotten your badge back, but you still have to work for it.