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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 15, the cache is accessed again, and the information retrieved deals with how the United States handles a chemical plan explosion. The bad guys didn't actually need the plant to explode.

The team quickly discovers that the latest news story is a fake, but no one else has really caught on yet. An entire town is being evacuated while the water supply can be checked for toxins. Thanks to Harry's connections from when he went undercover with some Russian trolls, the team figures out that Greypool paid the trolls to plant the story.

Clay dispatches the team to the evacuated town in hopes of discovering what the people who accessed the cache where after, well, almost the entire team. Clay benches Nimah, essentially. He doesn't trust terrorists.

This prompts Nimah to fight to prove her worth, and she does. She figures out that Greypool is after a person, Malori, who was responsible for creating fake news for a senator's re-election campaign. The catch is that one of those fake news stories got innocent people killed. Now, the Senator wants to distance himself from the fake news, which means taking care of Malori.

The team manages to save Malori, and they identify who has access to the cache - the Speaker of the House. Another name goes up on the board, and it's a win all around. Owen suggests that Clay tell the team that the Senator will be prosecuted (aka lie to them), so they feel like they are actually winning and not just identifying bad guys who get away with their crimes because they aren't the AIC.

Alex convinces Harry to open up and take a chance on the team. He goes to the bar after the mission, and is now officially on the task force! Huzzah! 

Shelby, meanwhile, calls to check in on Leon, but little does she know the people who grabbed Leon on Quantico Season 2 Episode 14 killed him.

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

You already know, Alex is the hero. The problem is, she always has to be the hero, no matter the situation. Impetuous, reckless, and emotional.


I need to know my team better than any of the collaborators that might come after them.