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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 17, the task force steps into Clay's territory - politics. The latest incident based on intel from the cache is a bombing of a mall. Clay figures out that playing politics was why the collaborators bombed the mall. They want to get a bill to pass, a muslim registry.

The collaborators framed Raina from the attack, so while the rest of the team tries to stop a bill from passing, Alex and Owen work on identifying Raina's attackers and getting intelligence out of them. One of Raina's attackers is a man named Vincent, who is a hired assassin.

All Vincent gives up is that Raina was supposed to be found dead in the mall, so since she escaped, Vincent's bosses are going to come after him. They do. It's a gunfight, and Vincent dies before Alex and Owen can find out anymore from him.

While under fire, Owen freezes. Alex is the one who comes up with a plan to get them both out of there alive. Afterwards, Owen asks Alex for help in trusting his instincts and getting out of his head. 

Meanwhile, going after the swing votes proves more difficult than Clay and the task force expected. Clay assures Shelby and Nimah that they can trust his friend, Felix, who works for Roarke (the Speaker of the House and one of the collaborators). Felix gives them more swing votes to target, and then it turns out that Felix gave them the wrong names to assure that the vote passes.

Shelby figures out the collaborator's real goal - setting up President Haas. The collaborators knew that President Haas would veto the bill, and so this makes whatever terrible thing that happens next all her fault. 

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