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On Quantico Season 3 Episode 11, Devlin uses Garret King to continue his attacks against our favorite group of FBI agents. King kidnaps Harry's sister, Maisie, and he shoots Owen.

Devlin plays both sides, and he offers up a deal to the team. Grant him extradition to Ireland, and he will give them King. The team declines his offer, but Devlin tells them a helpful hint.

Devlin gives them the location of a truck that King's moving. When the team apprehends the truck, they find that they have stumbled into a human trafficking operation.

The team pieces together witness statements to track down where King's men were holding the girls. When they get to the warehouse, they are too late. Everyone has been moved, including Maisie.

After Owen's severely injured, the team decides to accept Devlin's offer. He tells them that they better hurry if they want to catch King before he slips away on a boat.

The team does manage to capture King and free some women, but Maisie is not on the ship. To make matters worse, King tells Alex that this is all Devlin's operation, not his. The team got played, and Devlin's extradition order has already been approved.

Alex comes close to shooting King and getting her revenge, but Ryan talks her down. However, King grabs Alex's gun, and as they struggle, the gun goes off, killing King.

While Owen's recovering in a hospital, the rest of the team packs up everything from the loft and heads out to find a new base of operations.

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Quantico Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Owen: Deep. Ready to get back to work? We need you.
Deep: Oh thank god.

Rule number one, all warfare is based on deception.